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What is a Physician Statement Summary and Should You Use A Service?

When looking to receive disability and also planning for your life insurance, there are going to be dozens of factors that you need to calculate before making your final decision. You want to ensure that you are not going into any risks and also that you are planning your future appropriately. Unfortunately, if you are already in a high risk, you are going to be paying more money for coverage. Some details company’s will review is your age, lifestyle, job, and family life.

Summary for Clinical Trial

Though not everything is time consuming during this process of applying for disability and looking to receive benefits, the attending physician statement — APS — is an time consuming and difficult process. For your benefit, this is the strongest form of a company receiving additional background details.

APS is used to address needs that are specific to you, which includes these:

● Medical records that are up to date and accurate

● 24/7 status and ordering reports that are available online

● Within 24 hours, records can be available to access

● Reducing your time, risks and claims while being cost effective

Though, it depends on your doctor and their availability, the APS process might slow down your application to receive disability benefits. This is because your doctor might not have time for a few weeks to fill out the summary and return back. After it is returned, it will need to be reviewed and verified as well as summarized so it can be used in a medical history for the claimant

What to Expect When Attending Physician Statement

When evaluating the attending physician’s statement, medical risks is also determined and evaluated as well. This means that using all the gathered pertinent details and information should be done in a proper way. APS is critical to correctly analyzing any medical risks, whether they have previously been a risk or are present at the moment. To determine your risk, Medical Records Summary needs to capture any concerns of the claimant.

Making sure that the APS is accurate is vital to you and receiving benefits and/or insurance, depending on what you are applying for. If there is a mistake or something is misinterpreted in your summary, it can cost you being accepted for benefits. Information is compiled and a detailed summary is completed. Look for a team that are skilled in assessing and summarizing medical information. This will better your chances of acceptance and also save you a tremendous amount of time.

How to Create a Patient Medical Summary Report

A medical summary report that is well organized and planned will be beneficial for all those involved in your medical life. It will help provide information to the care team and to anyone who is having any health problems. At times, patients will not be able to appropriately and accurately communicate this medical history, so a medical summary report will have all of that information in there so there are no mixups.

Patient Medical Summary

Medical Summary Report

Though the caregiver will be able to handle common situations, during the time of a specific instance, whether that be an injury or health condition, there will be special attention needed. A medical summary report will include all doctors, medical professionals such as pharmacists, and the needs of the patient with a brief detailed summary of the patient’s condition. A medical summary is able to achieve this communication in a way that is straightforward and easy for all those involved to understand.

What makes a good medical summary report

Medical summary reports have two main parts to it; medication details and any records of the past and present medical condition. Between those two parts of the report, this information will be incorporated:

● Caregiver contact information, which includes pharmacist, physicians, and any other medical professionals involved

● Thorough diagnosis of present condition

● Details on medications and dosage

● Any allergies as well as reactions

● Health problems and treatment plans

● Surgery details

● Family medical history

● Insurance policy and the details of it

● If any, medical devices and details

● Any reports from lab work or radiology

● Medical power of attorney and living will

Medical Record Reviewers

A large amount of information can be poured onto medical-legal cases, so gathering and organizing all the documents needed can be a hassle. To properly analyze the appropriate medical records, medical summary reports have all the information in one document. This makes the case a little less time consuming so you can focus on the success of your client’s case. During these times, medical reviewing companies can be used to outsource these documents and produce a medical summary report. The company will be able to retrieve all documents needed for the report and present critical information in a summary based structure so it can be presented during a trial.

Benefits of outsourcing Deposition Summaries

A deposition allows both parties to know what changes may be made in a future trial. This legal procedure includes a recording of the witnesses under oath and is a formal statement from the witness who is standing by their statement whether they are there or not for the actual trial. A lot of time and effort is consumed during a deposition and sometimes can take weeks to get just one page complete. This is because it includes such critical information to the trial and anything that is decided in the future. Instead of going through all the details in this document during a trial, there is a deposition summary that has excerpts of the critical parts of the transcript to make the process faster as well ass efficient.

deposition summary

Depositions can be as long as a couple hundred pages and that makes the trial process long and drawn out. It is a given that summaries for depositions are critical to trials and the court system. The organization of a properly structured deposition will make for an efficient deposition summary and be favorable in the end. A service such as a deposition summary will save hours that will be spent on searching for something you need during a case. By outsourcing a service to write these summaries, you are also saving yourself time so you can use it efficiently during a trial.

Attorneys will be able to put more focus on their cases and also preparing for the trial rather than working on deposition summaries. Services to outsource for these needs are cost efficient and provide effective solutions to your daily work process. Adopting this solution has many advantages. You will gain and benefit saving time in your law firm and will still be competitive in your business. Your outsourcing service will prepare summaries from the deposition transcript. This involves summarizing the witness statements and crucial details in the trial.

Benefits to attorneys

By having an outsourcing firm extracting your essential information for future trials, you are cutting your time in half and spending up your trial process. When it comes to outsourcing, especially for medium to large firms, you are saving on money and documents will remain confidential as well. You can receive summaries as soon as 2 business days, which would take you longer if you were trying to work on this process on your own while maintaining your daily work responsibilities.

Why Should You Outsource Record Retrieval?

Many law firms have processes that they need to continue being a successful and functioning company. Unfortunately, there are some operations that take too much time to do and outsourcing is an option to accomplish these duties.

Record Retrieval

Your business is taking the time out of your day to perform processes such as:

● Accounting

● Sales

● Intake Process

● Payroll

● Record Retrieval

● Customer Service

Though these are all important, they take up a good amount of time during the week and leaves you less time to work on the growth of your business. Outsourcing your record retrieval will help out tremendously. Managing your time will make a huge improvement in your business and day-to-day activities. Companies that can help with record retrieval will ease your schedule and focus more on your clients.

Should Your Business Outsource Record Retrieval?

Do you find yourself to be an expert at record retrieval? If the answer is no, why not put your time elsewhere. It reduces the labor and costs to improve the success and future of your business. By outsourcing, you are given an expert at the task outside of your business and that can simply enhance the range and productivity of your law firm.

● Efficiency: Unfortunately sometimes with cases, is that paperwork can be incorrect or requests don’t make it to the appropriate person of someone simply forgot to process papers. This slows the progress of your case and as you wait you find out overtime that the paperwork was never processed in the first place. This will lead to the beginning of the process of a request all over again which adds even more time to a client that just needs a case to be solved. During times like this, you are losing money and time.

● Saving money: We get it, sometimes you think that because you’re doing it, it’s being done better. We all take pride in our work, but what about the cost. At times, hospitals can overcharge lawyers for records because they know that they will pay whatever to get what they need. A record retrieval company will take care of this fee based on their business. The fee is based on state laws and makes sure you are not overpaying for documents.

The Importance of Medical Record Organization for Your Disability Case

When you have to file for a claim for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration, it’s of the utmost importance that you have your medical records in order to have the highest chance of success. Your medical records are the basis for your disability case. These will be able to prove your case and need to be highly organized to do so.

Medical Summary

When building your disability case, it can be a daunting task. Organizing all of the information and documentation that you need can be overwhelming. Once you have all the information and documentation that you need, it has to be easy to go through for the Social Security Administration. You don’t want anything to be in question, so organization is important.

If you specialize in disability law, your clients rely on you to help with their disability case. You have a lot to do and medical records can be hard to read. Because of this, you may wish to work with a company that specializes in organizing medical documentation for these types of cases.
Why to use a service to organize medical records:

- It is all they do.

A service is a great way to help you sift through all of the medical records for your clients. Because this is all these companies do, you know that they will be able to focus on it and get it done in a timely manner.

- They are adept at this type of work.

These services are adept at going through medical records and pulling out the most important information to add to your case. They are able to write medical chronologies and summaries tailored to Social Security disability cases. These summaries will be valuable to your case and help you with moving forward.

- To avoid missing anything.

Because these services are adept at this type of work, you can have the confidence in knowing that these services will not miss any important information contained within the medical records. With all the work you have to do, it can be easy to miss things as you pour through medical records. This could be detrimental to your case and tarnish your reputation as a lawyer who specializes in disability cases.

- Because you’re busy.

You have a lot on your plate as a lawyer. Chances are, you’re already overworked and may have trouble keeping up with all your cases and clients. This is a demanding career, so it’s important to use tools that help you work better because you already work so hard. A summary services company can help do some of the legwork, so you can focus on more important things like details of the case. Pouring over medical evidence is difficult and a service that specializes in this is an important ally.

- Because you don’t have enough staff to assist you.

Maybe you have trusted staff to help you with going over medical documents. It is easy for these people to be overworked as well. In order to have them focus on more important things, use a service to write medical summaries. It also could be that you have a limited staff who doesn’t have adequate time to dedicate to going over these documents. In that case, it may be up to you to do this piece as well. Work smarter and focus on the important pieces instead of going through medical records.

- To be the most organized for your clients.

Your organization is imperative to your client’s case. You need to be highly organized in order to present your client’s case in the best way. This is especially true when you’re going through an appeal. Appeals can be tricky and you need to find the piece of medical evidence that will change the initial decision. A service can help you do this and increase your client’s chance of success in the appeal.

- You’re not sure of the best method of organization.

It could be that you’re not sure of the best way to organize your client’s medical records for the disability case you’re working on. A summary service will be able to help you organize these records in the best way possible to plead your case. The importance of medical documentation cannot be overestimated. It is the core of your case.

Make sure you use a service that you trust with the best reputation to be a partner in your law firm. The most important thing is giving exemplary service to your clients during their disability cases. Partner with us to give them the best service from your firm. Contact us with any question about our services as well as prices, so we can work together.

Why Medical Summaries Are Important For Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are one of the backbones of our medical innovation process. They allow both public and private researchers as well as pharmaceutical companies to test out new drugs and treatments on people to see how well they work — and they’re incredibly useful to find out if there are any unexpected side effects that cannot be determined from first testing the new treatment out on animals.

Summary for Clinical Trial

Typically, most clinical trials are run in accordance with strict regulation by the federal government as well as ethical guidelines that require them to warn participants of any potential harmful effects, as well as to conduct the study in a scientific manner (with a control group that does not undergo treatment or receives a placebo). However, every now and then there are some that don’t follow the rules — and as a result, you may have a client that got injured and now wants to sue.

These cases are sticky, and often require extensive research into the medical literature to try to understand what the trial was trying to achieve and why a client may have had a damaging experience. However, if you do discover evidence of mismanagement that can be proven to have led to your client’s injury, you’ve done the bulk of the work — the next step is convincing a judge.

That’s where a medical summary service comes in. In order to show that the clinical trial deliberately led to your client’s current condition, you need to show that the symptoms they’re experiencing aren’t the result of something else. Creating a medical summary that goes over all of your client’s previous medical conditions and treatment is an essential component of litigating these cases, because you can go through it and show that the current situation is a targeted one, arising straight from the mismanagement on the part of the clinical trial.

And there’s benefits to getting this summary written for you instead of doing it yourself — namely, the time-consuming nature of the thing. As a busy professional, you have better things to do than sift through old medical records; and as specialists in creating summaries for all sorts of medical histories, the process goes faster (and is often more readable) when it is done by someone who specializes in this area.

Gathering and Organizing Social Security Disability Medical Evidence

Before you get started on your application, you should know that the SSD application has many parts to it and is also a lengthy and extensive process. There will be many parties that will be evaluating your application. Various types of evidence can and will be evaluated to help determine your claim to receive disability benefits. If you want to lower your waiting time on the reviewing status, you should gather all of your medical records and any other documents that can support your disability for your claim.

medical evidence

Though it doesn’t seem ideal to do all of this research and gathering of documents on your own because the application process is already a headache, you will be speeding up your reviewing process tremendously. When your case is being evaluated, Social Security will review old and new medical records. The old records will explain when you became disabled as well as the medications you have been prescribed and how effective they have been. The new records will obviously show that you are still disabled and it is severe enough to apply for SSDI or SSI benefits.

What evidence should I gather for my disability claim?

When you are ready to file for your disability claim, you should start organizing all medical records and any other documents that you would like to send in with your application. You should make sure all of the documents can prove that you are disabled.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement should be honest and explain how your disability is enabling you from working and achieving daily activities. In the statement, you should mention the date of when you became disabled. This is generally the date that SSA will figure out your benefit even if you filed your application out at a later day.

Medical Records

You should also supply Social Security with a medical history. This will include details about your disability, any medical treatments you’ve received, and documents to assist the extent of your injuries.

The medical documents should prove:

● That your impairment exists;

● The intensity and stability of your disability;

● Progress establishments and info on any changes; and

● Proof that is related to your symptoms

○ prescriptions and their side effects

○ details on the severity of the disability

○ Details on daily activities, and anything else that may be relevant to determining the severity

Activities of Daily Living

You will also be asked you to fill out a questionnaire so they can get a better understanding of how your disability impacts your activities of daily living (ADLs). These activities can involve:

● Work around the house;

● Personal and hygiene activities;

● Capability of driving;

● Running errands or execute basic activities; and

● Sit and/or stand for long periods of time.

The Value of Medical Records in a Social Security Case

Unfortunately, you cannot be found disable under Social Security Administration — SSA — regulations unless it can be medically proven. This is why medical records are critical to social security benefit cases. This means you’ll need to be able to provide evidence, whether that be test or even notes that have been taken by your doctor during your treatment. The medical source must be reliable and the source needs to prove your condition is and will continue to prevent you from being able to physically work.

value of medical records

In proving that you are disabled, medical records are very helpful. This is because they will withhold your diagnosis and any findings that your medical provider has come across while treating you. It is likely that Social Security will find your medical records significant to your case if your doctor is a specialist in the disability you’re being treated for.

Most important records

The most valuable records you can submit are X-rays, MRIs, nerve conduction studies, pulmonary function tests, and other tests that can give hard data showing the severity of specific conditions. If you have appropriate results from your tests, you might even be able to get disability without having to discuss your situation with anyone. Make sure that your condition is listed in the Social Security regulations so you are not going through any issues.

How to obtain medical records

During the beginning stages of filling out the Social Security disability benefits application, you are requested to provide any medical records that pertain to your case. Social Security will take care of the fee it costs to request this information. If you proceed to the level of a hearing, our attorney or representative is responsible for ensuring that all of your records have been submitted.

Social Security reviews the medical evidence so they can determine the severity of the mental and/or physical impairment that is limiting your daily activity to perform work related tasks. Another major factor Social Security will consider is whether the applicant is cooperative with their medical treatment. This means showing up for scheduled appointments, taking medications as prescribed, as well as following your doctor’s’ directions. These elements convey exactly why medical evidence is beyond important in Social Security determining whether the applicant is disabled or not.

Medical Records for Worker’s Compensation Claims

If you are preparing a worker’s compensation claim, then you know that documentation is key. Because the entire claim is based on being able to prove exactly what happened, when, where and who is ultimately to blame, it’s vital to be able to have at your disposal all of the information necessary to make a strong and comprehensive case. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why there is nothing more important in a workers compensation claim than the medical documentation. Gathering and compiling a thorough medical history is your key to presenting a strong, winnable case.

medical records for workers compensation

Why are medical records so important?

As said earlier, a workers compensation claim is all about being able to build a timeline that shows what happened and who was at fault. In order to do that, you’re going to have to establish some basic facts along the way; these facts are available to you in the form of medical documentation. These records will help show the injuries sustained, how they happened, and what steps were taken during and after the initial treatment.

Medical records are also important because they can help to establish a cause and effect scenario. In some instances, an employer might try to argue that an employee was already injured or disabled before a certain event happened. This is easy to prove or disprove with the existence of the relevant records. When you have records in your hand that show your client as healthy or uninjured beforehand, it shuts down the opposing case pretty quickly.

How do you get the necessary medical records?

There are two ways to answer this question. One: you can have your firm do it yourself. Of course, this is a time-consuming activity. It’s going to either take up a lot of your time, or it’s going to take up a lot of your assistant’s time. Either way, that time you’re using to compile these records is not being spent on your client and the other things you need for this case. In addition, all of your other clients are also being neglected because of the amount of time needed to compile a thorough medical history.

Or, you could go with option two: hire the services of professional medical records compilers. With expertise and experience, we know the best and most efficient way to find the necessary documents to help build your case. With the time you save, you can focus on the other aspects of the case, knowing that the medical documentation will be excellent and second-to-none.

If you would rather have a team of experts at your disposal then try and do this yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experienced team can help provide you with the records you need to build the strongest workers compensation claim possible.

Comprehensive Medical Summaries for Worker’s Compensation Claims

If you are trying a worker’s compensation claim, then you know that the timing is everything. Often, the entire case rests on one or two important factors in the timeline of events, and a case can be won or lost based on how well those specific moments in time are documented. If that alone isn’t enough to show you how important a medical summary is when it comes to trying cases, then there’s not much else that can convince you.

Workers Compensation

Professional Medical Summary Services

Even though medical summaries are already recognized as crucial to a case, many people still feel like it’s something they are able to do on their own. This might be because they think it’s easier, or cheaper, to try and do this without involving anyone else. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Just like providing legal representation to a worker’s compensation claim isn’t something that just anyone can do, compiling medical documentation is a task that is best left to the professionals.

Why is this the case? Because medical summaries are, to some extent, like puzzles. It’s more than just tracking down documents — it’s piecing together a comprehensive, systematic, thorough timeline of all the various parts of a story. Often, the various players in the story aren’t aware of each other or the specific roles that they played, so rather than relying solely on individuals you have to go wherever the evidence might take you. When finished, you have a complete and thorough record that not only documents injuries, but also attempts to draw conclusions as to why certain things did or didn’t happen, and who ultimately is to blame.

These are not things that come easy. This is why it’s important to trust your medical documentation to experienced, trained professionals who are able to wade through what might look like confusing and often-times contradictory information in order to get to the truth of your worker’s compensation claim, or any sort of claim for that matter.

If you are attempting to compile a medical summary, and you’re realizing that you could use some help, please don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at LM Summary Services.