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How to Create a Patient Medical Summary Report

A medical summary report that is well organized and planned will be beneficial for all those involved in your medical life. It will help provide information to the care team and to anyone who is having any health problems. At times, patients will not be able to appropriately and accurately communicate this medical history, so a medical summary report will have all of that information in there so there are no mixups.

Patient Medical Summary

Medical Summary Report

Though the caregiver will be able to handle common situations, during the time of a specific instance, whether that be an injury or health condition, there will be special attention needed. A medical summary report will include all doctors, medical professionals such as pharmacists, and the needs of the patient with a brief detailed summary of the patient’s condition. A medical summary is able to achieve this communication in a way that is straightforward and easy for all those involved to understand.

What makes a good medical summary report

Medical summary reports have two main parts to it; medication details and any records of the past and present medical condition. Between those two parts of the report, this information will be incorporated:

● Caregiver contact information, which includes pharmacist, physicians, and any other medical professionals involved

● Thorough diagnosis of present condition

● Details on medications and dosage

● Any allergies as well as reactions

● Health problems and treatment plans

● Surgery details

● Family medical history

● Insurance policy and the details of it

● If any, medical devices and details

● Any reports from lab work or radiology

● Medical power of attorney and living will

Medical Record Reviewers

A large amount of information can be poured onto medical-legal cases, so gathering and organizing all the documents needed can be a hassle. To properly analyze the appropriate medical records, medical summary reports have all the information in one document. This makes the case a little less time consuming so you can focus on the success of your client’s case. During these times, medical reviewing companies can be used to outsource these documents and produce a medical summary report. The company will be able to retrieve all documents needed for the report and present critical information in a summary based structure so it can be presented during a trial.

Benefits of outsourcing Deposition Summaries

A deposition allows both parties to know what changes may be made in a future trial. This legal procedure includes a recording of the witnesses under oath and is a formal statement from the witness who is standing by their statement whether they are there or not for the actual trial. A lot of time and effort is consumed during a deposition and sometimes can take weeks to get just one page complete. This is because it includes such critical information to the trial and anything that is decided in the future. Instead of going through all the details in this document during a trial, there is a deposition summary that has excerpts of the critical parts of the transcript to make the process faster as well ass efficient.

deposition summary

Depositions can be as long as a couple hundred pages and that makes the trial process long and drawn out. It is a given that summaries for depositions are critical to trials and the court system. The organization of a properly structured deposition will make for an efficient deposition summary and be favorable in the end. A service such as a deposition summary will save hours that will be spent on searching for something you need during a case. By outsourcing a service to write these summaries, you are also saving yourself time so you can use it efficiently during a trial.

Attorneys will be able to put more focus on their cases and also preparing for the trial rather than working on deposition summaries. Services to outsource for these needs are cost efficient and provide effective solutions to your daily work process. Adopting this solution has many advantages. You will gain and benefit saving time in your law firm and will still be competitive in your business. Your outsourcing service will prepare summaries from the deposition transcript. This involves summarizing the witness statements and crucial details in the trial.

Benefits to attorneys

By having an outsourcing firm extracting your essential information for future trials, you are cutting your time in half and spending up your trial process. When it comes to outsourcing, especially for medium to large firms, you are saving on money and documents will remain confidential as well. You can receive summaries as soon as 2 business days, which would take you longer if you were trying to work on this process on your own while maintaining your daily work responsibilities.

The Importance of Medical Record Organization for Your Disability Case

When you have to file for a claim for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration, it’s of the utmost importance that you have your medical records in order to have the highest chance of success. Your medical records are the basis for your disability case. These will be able to prove your case and need to be highly organized to do so.

Medical Summary

When building your disability case, it can be a daunting task. Organizing all of the information and documentation that you need can be overwhelming. Once you have all the information and documentation that you need, it has to be easy to go through for the Social Security Administration. You don’t want anything to be in question, so organization is important.

If you specialize in disability law, your clients rely on you to help with their disability case. You have a lot to do and medical records can be hard to read. Because of this, you may wish to work with a company that specializes in organizing medical documentation for these types of cases.
Why to use a service to organize medical records:

- It is all they do.

A service is a great way to help you sift through all of the medical records for your clients. Because this is all these companies do, you know that they will be able to focus on it and get it done in a timely manner.

- They are adept at this type of work.

These services are adept at going through medical records and pulling out the most important information to add to your case. They are able to write medical chronologies and summaries tailored to Social Security disability cases. These summaries will be valuable to your case and help you with moving forward.

- To avoid missing anything.

Because these services are adept at this type of work, you can have the confidence in knowing that these services will not miss any important information contained within the medical records. With all the work you have to do, it can be easy to miss things as you pour through medical records. This could be detrimental to your case and tarnish your reputation as a lawyer who specializes in disability cases.

- Because you’re busy.

You have a lot on your plate as a lawyer. Chances are, you’re already overworked and may have trouble keeping up with all your cases and clients. This is a demanding career, so it’s important to use tools that help you work better because you already work so hard. A summary services company can help do some of the legwork, so you can focus on more important things like details of the case. Pouring over medical evidence is difficult and a service that specializes in this is an important ally.

- Because you don’t have enough staff to assist you.

Maybe you have trusted staff to help you with going over medical documents. It is easy for these people to be overworked as well. In order to have them focus on more important things, use a service to write medical summaries. It also could be that you have a limited staff who doesn’t have adequate time to dedicate to going over these documents. In that case, it may be up to you to do this piece as well. Work smarter and focus on the important pieces instead of going through medical records.

- To be the most organized for your clients.

Your organization is imperative to your client’s case. You need to be highly organized in order to present your client’s case in the best way. This is especially true when you’re going through an appeal. Appeals can be tricky and you need to find the piece of medical evidence that will change the initial decision. A service can help you do this and increase your client’s chance of success in the appeal.

- You’re not sure of the best method of organization.

It could be that you’re not sure of the best way to organize your client’s medical records for the disability case you’re working on. A summary service will be able to help you organize these records in the best way possible to plead your case. The importance of medical documentation cannot be overestimated. It is the core of your case.

Make sure you use a service that you trust with the best reputation to be a partner in your law firm. The most important thing is giving exemplary service to your clients during their disability cases. Partner with us to give them the best service from your firm. Contact us with any question about our services as well as prices, so we can work together.

Why Medical Summaries Are Important For Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are one of the backbones of our medical innovation process. They allow both public and private researchers as well as pharmaceutical companies to test out new drugs and treatments on people to see how well they work — and they’re incredibly useful to find out if there are any unexpected side effects that cannot be determined from first testing the new treatment out on animals.

Summary for Clinical Trial

Typically, most clinical trials are run in accordance with strict regulation by the federal government as well as ethical guidelines that require them to warn participants of any potential harmful effects, as well as to conduct the study in a scientific manner (with a control group that does not undergo treatment or receives a placebo). However, every now and then there are some that don’t follow the rules — and as a result, you may have a client that got injured and now wants to sue.

These cases are sticky, and often require extensive research into the medical literature to try to understand what the trial was trying to achieve and why a client may have had a damaging experience. However, if you do discover evidence of mismanagement that can be proven to have led to your client’s injury, you’ve done the bulk of the work — the next step is convincing a judge.

That’s where a medical summary service comes in. In order to show that the clinical trial deliberately led to your client’s current condition, you need to show that the symptoms they’re experiencing aren’t the result of something else. Creating a medical summary that goes over all of your client’s previous medical conditions and treatment is an essential component of litigating these cases, because you can go through it and show that the current situation is a targeted one, arising straight from the mismanagement on the part of the clinical trial.

And there’s benefits to getting this summary written for you instead of doing it yourself — namely, the time-consuming nature of the thing. As a busy professional, you have better things to do than sift through old medical records; and as specialists in creating summaries for all sorts of medical histories, the process goes faster (and is often more readable) when it is done by someone who specializes in this area.

Understanding the Deposition Summary

Getting depositions is one of the most essential parts of the legal profession, and lawyers are experts at how to ask the right questions and get answers that will help establish what went on — later using those answers to help their clients in court. But if you are taking depositions for a case, chances are you know that transcribing and organizing them is time-consuming is difficult. Not only do you have to struggle to understand what the person being deposed is saying at times, but you also have to figure out what essential information was gleaned and how you can integrate this into arguing your client’s case in court.

deposition summary

Thanks to deposition summaries, you don’t have to do either. The purpose behind the deposition summary is to provide attorneys with a clear, concise statement on the most important points made in the deposition, along with page markers to guide users to the relevant sections in the full transcript. They are used frequently in civil cases and help condense what can be pages and pages of transcripts into a few relevant points.

There are numerous benefits to using deposition summary reports, but the main one is that it saves time. Not only do you not have to worry about when you are going to fit working on a deposition transcript in your busy schedule, but you can then use that time for better assisting your client in arguing their case. Furthermore, because summary services experts are specialized in crafting deposition and other types of summaries, they can complete the task more efficiently than you could — thus fitting in more summaries into a smaller time frame and accomplishing more for you, faster.

There’s also the benefit of expertise, which ensures that the summaries you receive will be high-quality, with all of the main points clearly articulated and easy to integrate into the main parts of your case. You can be assured that the caliber of the deposition summary reports (and any other types of summaries that you choose to order for a particular case) will be on par with your own work, both inside and outside of the courtroom, and will reflect your professionalism and talent as an attorney. Ultimately, your client will thank you for working on their case quickly and efficiently — and you’ll have more time to devote to the parts of the job that you love the most.

Why Your Firm Needs Medical History and Case Summarization Services

Every competent disability attorney and their team knows the value of a complete medical history and a well written case summarization. When building a case for an appeal or filing to the Social Security Administration, Board of Veterans Affairs, or a Workers’ Compensation Insurance company, you need the to have every detail of your client’s medical history documented and close at hand before, during, and after you represent them.

Medical Summarization

Without that complete medical history, appeals are denied and claims you file on your client’s behalf are rejected. You could always have your staff do it or collect and compile the records yourself, but that means dedicating money or man hours to tedious process of contacting every physician and specialist your client has ever seen and then requesting records one at a time.

Even after you have managed to collect those medical records, then you will need to summarize your client’s medical history in order to be able to refer to it when building your case and when representing your client in court. Again, this is still more hours that you will be billing or paying someone else for in order to make certain your case summaries are complete and accurate. This vastly increases your cost per case, and decreases your earnings overall per client.

Fortunately, there is a service that can provide what you need on a case-by-case basis without bankrupting your firm or your clients. LM Summary Services provides complete medical history and case summarization services for Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, VA Disability, and Workers’ Compensation cases. With years of experience and a highly trained staff, LM Summary Services is better positioned to research client medical histories for you without occupying hours and hours of your firm’s time.

They are also better able to summarize the information for you as they know what will and will not be pertinent to your case depending on where it is being filed or appealed. Best of all, they know what the key salient points of a medical history are better than any attorney. Quite simply, they have more practice in the art of finding the most relevant facts and details from a client’s history and emphasizing those facts in their summary.

If you are a disability or personal injury law practice in frequent need of medical history and case summarization services, contact LM Summary Services today to find out how they can help you save time and money with all of your case research and summarization needs.

How a Medical Summary Can Help in Your Migraine Disability case

When you’re filing for disability benefits, you need to prove that your disability qualifies for benefits. Depending on what is affecting your ability to work, certain conditions may be harder to prove than others. This is especially true in the case of chronic migraines. A law firm that uses a medical summarizer can be of great assistance in this kind of case.

law firm medical summarizer service

Reasons to use a medical summarizer as a law firm:

- Migraines are hard to prove.

There are no medical tests that prove whether a headache is a migraine or not. This can make a disability based on migraines difficult to prove. The case will rest on information from you and your doctor.

- It requires a lot of documentation to argue disability for a migraine.

If a law firm uses a medical summarizer, this can be a great asset to this type of case. A detailed report from a medical summarizer that your law firm receives will help prove your case.

- The following should be provided for documentation:

Summarized and detailed reports from the doctor need to be provided in order to help prove that migraines are disabling and preventing someone from working. The doctor should either be a headache specialist, neurologist or a pain management specialist. It’s also important to provide detailed documentation about daily symptoms.

This will help show the intensity of the migraines, the durations and how frequently the migraines occur. This information is important in showing how disabling the migraines are and how they affect the ability to work. This also needs to include information on how these migraines affect daily activities and work tasks. A medical summarizer for a law firm is also helpful for showing what medications and treatments have been tried. This is a great asset in showing everything that has been tried, what the side effects were and how successful the different treatments were in helping to overcome the migraines.

A law firm’s medical summarizer service can be great in organizing information about migraines and treatments to aide in the disability case. This will give a great summary that is easy to read through. This will help make sure all of your documentation is in order and increase the chances of winning your case even with a hard to prove condition such as a migraine.

Why Use a Medical Memo Service Company?

Often, the difference between an easy, open-and-shut case and a slog through the trenches boils down to details. This is how it is even on the best of days, but it’s even more true when it comes to cases that rely on medical information. If you are working personal injury, malpractice, or any other sort of case that involves the medical profession, you know that it can be very difficult to get the important, detailed information you need to help your client. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, then you need to consider hiring a medical memo service company.

Medical Summary Services Company

What can medical memo services do for you? Consider the following:

1) A medical memo service company can track down the information that you can’t.

Doctor’s offices and emergency rooms are often hectic places where split-second decisions can determine life and death, which means that record-keeping sometimes takes a back seat. That’s okay. A trained medical summarizer knows how to look through records and ask the right questions to fill in any existing gaps.

2) A medical memo service company can organize the information to make sense of it all.

With luck, you’ll have a lot of information to go through. And I mean, a LOT. No big deal, right? You’re an attorney; you know how to muck through paperwork! But, why go through all that trouble when there’s an easier way? A trained medical memo writer can organize and compile the existing information and put it together in a package that’s easy to read, well-organized, and actually helpful. And best of all? This saves you time so you can actually focus on what you really need to do: winning your case.

3) A medical memo service company saves you money.

Consider this: to pile through records, search files, ask questions, organize the information, and get it ready for legal proceedings takes a lot of time and effort, right? You probably have people at your firm to help you, but do you have enough people to not only do this amount of work, but also stay abreast of the work needed to help your other clients? Probably not. Which means you would need to hire even more people to get this work done. Well, why go through all that when there are professionals who can offer their medical memo services at a fraction of what it would cost to hire and train someone new? And even then, that new hire wouldn’t have the experience or knowledge needed to gather the information correctly.

It seems pretty obvious: just like a client needs an expert attorney on their side to help them win a case, attorneys need experts on their side as well to help them prepare. If you need help tracking down, gathering, and making sense of medical information, then you need to consider hiring the services of a professional medical memo service company today!

Top Ways a Medial Summary Service Enriches Your Practice

There is nothing that you won’t do to improve your law practice to help make it stronger for both you and your clients. Any lawyer that takes on any cases with a medical component, such as disability clients or clients with injuries from accidents, knows that gathering all of the medical information necessary for such cases can take time and a certain level of skill. This time comes out of either your daily schedule or your staff’s. This is where medical summaries services for law firms can come in. A medical summary service enriches your practice in so many different ways thanks to their medical synopsis and summary services.

Medical Summary Services Law Firm

Time Savings

One of the best ways to enrich your practice for you, your staff, and even your clients is by using this type of service. Not clogging up time with creating your own medical synopsis and summaries means that there will be more time for other things. You’ll be able to spend more time speaking with your clients that you already have on your schedule. This added personal touch can make the difference in how your clients view your legal services and can help to make them more likely to refer their friends and family to your law firm in the future. Getting that personal touch without sending this task to a medical summary service may require you to work longer hours or pay to hire another employee just for this task.

Not only are you able to give a bit more time to your clients, but you’re also freeing up time that’s going to allow you to bring on more clients. The efficiency that the summary service brings to your firm can make it possible to bring in more clients because you’ll have easy access to the medical synopsis and summaries necessary to handle their claims. More clients is an excellent way to grow your firm.

Professional Results

Using medical summaries services for law firms means that you can rely on the results. You received your law degree, not your medical degree from college to practice law, and that means that you may miss things that someone who has been trained specifically for this type of task would certainly include in your summary. It’s perfectly natural that preparing your own summaries may mean that important information can be missed or misunderstood. Your clients rely on your law firm to correctly identify the medical information that’s going to make or break their case.

Considering the information that comes out of your medical synopsis can set the tone for the amount of remuneration that a client can expect, errors or omissions here can be detrimental. Of course, you or your staff can get together all the necessary information for your cases, but you really have to consider the amount of time and energy that goes into the creation of a medical summary in-house that is at the same level of a professionally prepared summary.

Game of Numbers

Considering to use medical summaries services for law firms can also be a game of numbers. The first number you have to consider is how many cases you receive in a month that have a medical component to them. You may have a law office that specifically only handles these types of cases or you may have an office that practices a wide variety of law. The thing about a summary service is that they’re able often to handle your needs on a sliding scale. That means that they can accommodate a law firm that has a large number of medical summaries needed a month or a firm that only needs a few completed in the same amount of time.

This scalability also makes it a smarter choice when it comes to running the numbers of how much it would cost to use a service for your medical synopsis and summaries compared to hiring a person to work in the office. There are a lot of factors that go into hiring additional staff that adds to your overhead in several ways when using a service is one billed amount. You won’t have to consider whether or not you’ll need someone part-time or full-time. Plus, you won’t have to think about how to best utilize their time when they don’t have a summary or similar task to work on.

LM Summary Services

LM Summary Services can be the smart choice when it comes to trying to find the perfect medical summaries services for law firms. Our medical synopsis, chronologies, and summaries are professionally prepared by our expert staff that understands what you need for your clients to be successful. Get the quality medical summaries that you need for a cost that your budget can afford. Let us take on the task of getting these ready for you and your clients to free up your time for more important matters.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can enrich your law office by delegating your medical reports.

How Medical Summaries Can Help You with Your Case

As a lawyer, your time is valuable and you already have far too less of it. Medical documentation is of utmost importance in a variety of cases and appeals. Having to review hundreds of pages can be daunting when you’re trying to prepare for multiple cases. If you use a company that provides medical summary services for attorneys, this can help you a great deal with your cases.

medical Summary Services

- It is cost effective.

While you do have to pay an upfront cost, you will actually save money. By freeing up your own time, you will be able to work on other things. This will prove to be a better use of your time and help you get ahead on all of your cases.

- It can provide summaries for a variety of cases.

Medical documentation is important in many different kinds of cases. These include Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation and VA Disability. Many different attorneys can benefit from this type of service and can use one place for all of their medical summary services.

- Medical terminology may not be your strong suit.

Depending on how technical the pages are that you’re reviewing, it may be helpful to have a service that specializes in this to help you decipher them. It can be hard to wade through many technical pages and having additional eyes on them could be a great service to you. Because of how busy you are, you may miss certain aspects. Everyone can miss something when you’re overworked or reviewing long documents.

By reaching out to a medical summary services for attorneys company, you can work smarter. Success can come with a strong team. This company can be an extension of your current team. By having a service working for you, it could help the outcome of your cases because you will be better able to prepare as you won’t be overworked. Please contact us with any questions!