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Using Medical Chronologies in Workers Compensation Cases

Putting together a workers compensation case can be difficult. In order to win for your client you have to be able to connect a lot of dots to make your case air-tight and show that your client deserves to win. How do you do that? While there are a lot of elements that go into a successful workers compensation case, one of the most important is a complete and thorough medical chronology. Why is a medical chronology important for a workers compensation case?

Workers Compensation

It helps to make your case stronger

A successful medical chronology takes all the variables and confusing aspects of your case and helps you and everyone else sort through them. When people get injured, a lot of things can happen at one time and make for a confusing situation. This confusion can make it difficult to know exactly what happened, and who did what during the treatment. A thorough medical chronology helps cut through the uncertainty to present a clear picture of actions and liability. In addition, a medical chronology helps you avoid possible mistakes in the future, which also helps to make your case stronger.

It helps to make your case more efficient

To create a complete medical summary, it takes a lot of time and effort. Frankly, unless you work for a firm that has dozens of paralegals to spare, it might seem like way too much at first. However, that medical chronology is going to follow you and that workers compensation case through every legal phase. In the end, it will actually help to make your case more efficient, because you won’t have to keep going back to get more information, and you won’t find yourself repeating your steps over and over again when you discover you’ve missed something.

It helps to make your case successful

Saving time, money, and effort gives you the chance to focus on the rest of your case. Furthermore, you’ll find yourself with less work to do because the information is right at your fingertips and easy to find. Also, with a complete medical chronology you can be confident that your information is accurate and thorough, and you’ve left no stone unturned. All that adds up to a much higher probability that you’ll win your case!

If you’d like to know more about medical chronologies and how they can be used to win workers compensation cases, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

What Clients Look For in a North Carolina Workers Compensation Attorney

One of the biggest considerations that a North Carolina workers compensation attorney needs to have in mind when setting up their practice or seeking to find more clients is what will attract new clients to them. It can be important to know what clients will look for in an attorney to ensure that you best represent this example.

Workers Compensation

Traits Clients Desire

There are a number of traits that a client will look for in a North Carolina workers compensation attorney when they are at their most vulnerable.

Clients want a mixture of traits from experienced to being able to provide them a personal touch that makes them feel as though their attorney truly cares about them rather than just being a case number. Most clients are aware that in order to get an experienced attorney, said attorney is going to be busy with cases besides their own, but will still want to be able to get appointments and callbacks in a reasonable amount of time. Being able to provide a responsive and effective service that responds back quickly will help to separate you from the crowd.

Clients want an attorney that is very knowledgeable about workers compensation law and doesn’t shy away from the medical aspects of their case. It can be difficult to balance the amount of time that goes into the medical side of a workers compensation case with having several open cases.

Accomplish Your Goals with a Summary Service

One of the best ways to be able to give yourself a better opportunity for exhibiting these traits is by working smarter, not harder. A medical summary service is one tool that you can have in your arsenal to provide better service to your clients. Your clients trust you with their most personal information, and in some cases, their future by using you as an attorney. Medical summaries are just one way to have more time in your day to offer that personal touch to your clients while having a handle on the medical information necessary to mount your case.

LM Summary Services can provide you with expertly prepared medical summary materials for your workers compensation clients. No longer do you need to spend a large amount of time struggling to get your client’s medical information summarized while handling all of your other tasks in a day. Your schedule will be streamlined, and you’ll be able to provide better a legal service to your clients while clearing up the time to allow you to fit in more clients.

Contact us today about how we can best serve you and your clients with our scalable medical summary solutions.