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How Medical Summaries Can Help You with Your Case

As a lawyer, your time is valuable and you already have far too less of it. Medical documentation is of utmost importance in a variety of cases and appeals. Having to review hundreds of pages can be daunting when you’re trying to prepare for multiple cases. If you use a company that provides medical summary services for attorneys, this can help you a great deal with your cases.

medical Summary Services

– It is cost effective.

While you do have to pay an upfront cost, you will actually save money. By freeing up your own time, you will be able to work on other things. This will prove to be a better use of your time and help you get ahead on all of your cases.

– It can provide summaries for a variety of cases.

Medical documentation is important in many different kinds of cases. These include Social Security disability, personal injury, workers’ compensation and VA Disability. Many different attorneys can benefit from this type of service and can use one place for all of their medical summary services.

– Medical terminology may not be your strong suit.

Depending on how technical the pages are that you’re reviewing, it may be helpful to have a service that specializes in this to help you decipher them. It can be hard to wade through many technical pages and having additional eyes on them could be a great service to you. Because of how busy you are, you may miss certain aspects. Everyone can miss something when you’re overworked or reviewing long documents.

By reaching out to a medical summary services for attorneys company, you can work smarter. Success can come with a strong team. This company can be an extension of your current team. By having a service working for you, it could help the outcome of your cases because you will be better able to prepare as you won’t be overworked. Please contact us with any questions!

What Clients Look For in a North Carolina Workers Compensation Attorney

One of the biggest considerations that a North Carolina workers compensation attorney needs to have in mind when setting up their practice or seeking to find more clients is what will attract new clients to them. It can be important to know what clients will look for in an attorney to ensure that you best represent this example.

Workers Compensation

Traits Clients Desire

There are a number of traits that a client will look for in a North Carolina workers compensation attorney when they are at their most vulnerable.

Clients want a mixture of traits from experienced to being able to provide them a personal touch that makes them feel as though their attorney truly cares about them rather than just being a case number. Most clients are aware that in order to get an experienced attorney, said attorney is going to be busy with cases besides their own, but will still want to be able to get appointments and callbacks in a reasonable amount of time. Being able to provide a responsive and effective service that responds back quickly will help to separate you from the crowd.

Clients want an attorney that is very knowledgeable about workers compensation law and doesn’t shy away from the medical aspects of their case. It can be difficult to balance the amount of time that goes into the medical side of a workers compensation case with having several open cases.

Accomplish Your Goals with a Summary Service

One of the best ways to be able to give yourself a better opportunity for exhibiting these traits is by working smarter, not harder. A medical summary service is one tool that you can have in your arsenal to provide better service to your clients. Your clients trust you with their most personal information, and in some cases, their future by using you as an attorney. Medical summaries are just one way to have more time in your day to offer that personal touch to your clients while having a handle on the medical information necessary to mount your case.

LM Summary Services can provide you with expertly prepared medical summary materials for your workers compensation clients. No longer do you need to spend a large amount of time struggling to get your client’s medical information summarized while handling all of your other tasks in a day. Your schedule will be streamlined, and you’ll be able to provide better a legal service to your clients while clearing up the time to allow you to fit in more clients.

Contact us today about how we can best serve you and your clients with our scalable medical summary solutions.

Getting the Best Settlement for Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can be a very touchy subject for clients. They have gone through a very traumatic event, and they still have to deal with it even if their wounds have already healed up. They have to relive the ordeal of what they went through during the event that caused their injury, and it’s hard for them. That’s why it’s so important for you as their attorney to help them to get the best settlement possible for their personal injury claims. There is one particular product that will help you towards working on the best settlement, and that is a medical summary.

Medical Summary for Personal injury claim

Personal Injury Cases and Medical Histories

The most important information in any personal injury claim is the medical information that the case is based on. A person’s injuries and their severity will play a crucial role in the settlement that will be received, and not having an exact medical history can hurt the potential outcome of your claim. The person presiding over your case will make a determination about how to handle this case based on the medical details that you provide, and a faulty medical history may cause them not to find enough evidence of a serious enough injury to receive the most compensation possible. Make sure that you have an excellent medical summary to use to prove the extent of your client’s medical information.

Professional Medical Summaries

In order to ensure that you have an expertly crafted medical summary that has all of the pertinent information included is to use a professional medical summary service like LM Summary Services. We employ an expert staff that has an in-depth knowledge of what is necessary for a medical summary in a personal injury claim case. You can get all of the medical summaries that you need in a month without having to sacrifice a large amount of time in your office to get them done. This can change the way that you handle your personal injury claims for the better as you’ll have the information you need to get great settlements and to bring in more clients.

Your client going through a personal injury claim that they may not even be completely over yet relies on your legal expertise to handle their case effectively to get them the best outcome possible. You can rely on the medical expertise of our staff at LM Summary Services to provide you with the precise medical summaries that you need to achieve that outcome for your client. Contact us today to talk about how you can start using our services for your legal firm’s clients today.

Benefits of a Paperless Practice Using a Medical Records Summary Service

A Medical Record Summary Service is the hot new thing for law offices for a number of reasons. Services such of these are extremely useful to attorneys and clients alike. A medical summary is a comprehensive overview of your medical history, doctor’s notes, prescriptions, etc. A Medical Summary Service is tasked with gathering this information, going through it for the most valuable of information, and putting it together in a packet legible and understandable for anyone, including a judge. Many law firms and attorneys have opted for such a service for the following reasons:

Paperless Practice Medical Record

1. Saves Time

A medical summary service will get your summary together in half the time that an attorney would. They can focus on scouring the internet and records while your attorney preps for your case. The service will know where to look and what to look for. They are trained to do so, and will do it in half the time.

2. Saves Money

In law, time equals money. Lawyers may have to pay their paralegals extra, especially if the case is very complicated. They may also have to do the extra work themselves, which will cost you, the client, more in the end. Furthermore, the service itself isn’t very expensive and will save you more money in the end.

3. Better quality

Because the employees at such services are trained for this purpose, the results will be much higher quality. They will know what to look for, especially for specific cases. You attorney may not have enough time to prepare the summary and your case for record at the same time, so he or she may not be as thorough as he or she could be. So, such a service may prove useful.

4. Lawyers can focus on the case

Preparing your case is a lengthy process. It requires learning the case, understanding all the key parts, and then preparing you for court as well. Add in looking through all your records and combining them into a comprehensive document, and it’s quite the heavy workload for said lawyer. Requiring a dual focus will only hurt your case in the long run.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Outsourcing the medical summary to a specified service can also reduce waste and paper consumption, helping your firm be more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they can keep the files and records in order to further help your case.

The Challenges of Medical Summaries for Attorneys

Most personal injury cases already are such a pain to endure. It requires a lot of effort, time, money, and, worst of all, paperwork. To succeed in winning a personal injury case, you are going to need to prove that your injury or disability keeps you from performing any type of job, which requires records from hospital visits, reports from your job, etc. Medical summaries are extremely important pieces of evidence to bring to the case for obvious reasons: it backs up your claims of injury or disability.

Medical Summary for Attorney

However, medical summaries are very difficult and tedious do, and most attorneys or law firms often opt to send out such a pursuit to specialized firms that are specifically trained to come through pages and pages of medical records to create that summary. Continue reading for some challenges one can run into while making a Medical Summary:

1. Time-Consuming

A personal injury case is already a time-consuming event, between the court appearances, paperwork, and the long expanses of time that the court system takes for any case. But, medical summaries can often be the most time-consuming, depending on how many medical records one has to go through. If the case requires the attorney to look at thousands of pages, it is going to take a long time. Taking up more time also may make the case more expensive. If attorneys have to work overtime (or realistically have their staff work overtime), it will cost them more money, which, consequently, will cost you more in the end.

2. Difficult to Understand

After years of medical school, Doctor’s use a language that looks Greek to anyone who hasn’t studied medicine for most of their lives. Lawyers have not studied this language, so deciphering medical records may be a job more suited for Dan Brown and Robert Langdon than for mere lawyers. Therefore, aside from combing through the ton of pages, it will take even longer to decipher the language. I mean, why do they have to say pulmonary instead of just saying heart for Pete’s sake.

3. Creating Accurate Timelines

Chances are that medical records aren’t all in one place and may not necessarily be in order. Perhaps your doctor referred you to another, more specialized physician. Maybe you were admitted to the hospital while on vacation in another state or country connected to the injury or disability. It’s like putting together a thousand-piece puzzle except your whole case can rely on this puzzle.

Using Medical Summaries to Better Understand Medical-Legal Cases

As an attorney, your job is to fight for your client when it comes to their personal injury and social security claims. That means you not only need to have a good working knowledge of the legalities of the case that you went to school for many years to learn, but you also need to be able to understand the medical side of it which you probably didn’t go to school to learn. Sometimes even the most experienced attorney may have problems understanding the medical aspects of a client’s history that will help them present the strongest case necessary. Using medical summaries to better understand medical-legal cases is the best way for you to present the strongest case possible.

Medical Summary

Medical Summary

A medical summary is a concise and understandable medical history based on your client’s available information. This information is vital for you because it gives you the information you need to base your case on as their medical injury or disability will determine what potential outcomes you can try to get. In addition, these medical summaries will be supporting evidence that you can use to prove your client’s case. A good medical summary can result in a better outcome when it comes to cases that boil down to the medical information as a poor medical summary may mean that vital medical information was left out that could have changed the course of the case.

Why Use a Service?

You may be wondering why you should use a service for your medical summaries for your cases as you might have been doing them yourself or having a member of your staff handle them. One of the main reasons why it can be beneficial for your law office to use a service to handle a medical summary is time. The amount of time it would take your office to produce one of these will take away from your other tasks. Adding in the money that you’ll save, it makes great sense. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that an accurate medical summary was prepared for your case by an experienced professional that is specially trained to handle these services.

At the end of your case, you want your client to know that you fought your hardest for them when it came to their personal injury and social security claims. You need to be able to present the strongest case necessary on their behalf to seek a better outcome. That means having the best tools at your fingertips for your cases, and medical summaries can make a difference in the way that you present your medical evidence.

Contact us at LM Summary Services to get prompt, thorough, and effective medical summaries for all your personal injury and social security cases.