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Top Ways a Medial Summary Service Enriches Your Practice

There is nothing that you won’t do to improve your law practice to help make it stronger for both you and your clients. Any lawyer that takes on any cases with a medical component, such as disability clients or clients with injuries from accidents, knows that gathering all of the medical information necessary for such cases can take time and a certain level of skill. This time comes out of either your daily schedule or your staff’s. This is where medical summaries services for law firms can come in. A medical summary service enriches your practice in so many different ways thanks to their medical synopsis and summary services.

Medical Summary Services Law Firm

Time Savings

One of the best ways to enrich your practice for you, your staff, and even your clients is by using this type of service. Not clogging up time with creating your own medical synopsis and summaries means that there will be more time for other things. You’ll be able to spend more time speaking with your clients that you already have on your schedule. This added personal touch can make the difference in how your clients view your legal services and can help to make them more likely to refer their friends and family to your law firm in the future. Getting that personal touch without sending this task to a medical summary service may require you to work longer hours or pay to hire another employee just for this task.

Not only are you able to give a bit more time to your clients, but you’re also freeing up time that’s going to allow you to bring on more clients. The efficiency that the summary service brings to your firm can make it possible to bring in more clients because you’ll have easy access to the medical synopsis and summaries necessary to handle their claims. More clients is an excellent way to grow your firm.

Professional Results

Using medical summaries services for law firms means that you can rely on the results. You received your law degree, not your medical degree from college to practice law, and that means that you may miss things that someone who has been trained specifically for this type of task would certainly include in your summary. It’s perfectly natural that preparing your own summaries may mean that important information can be missed or misunderstood. Your clients rely on your law firm to correctly identify the medical information that’s going to make or break their case.

Considering the information that comes out of your medical synopsis can set the tone for the amount of remuneration that a client can expect, errors or omissions here can be detrimental. Of course, you or your staff can get together all the necessary information for your cases, but you really have to consider the amount of time and energy that goes into the creation of a medical summary in-house that is at the same level of a professionally prepared summary.

Game of Numbers

Considering to use medical summaries services for law firms can also be a game of numbers. The first number you have to consider is how many cases you receive in a month that have a medical component to them. You may have a law office that specifically only handles these types of cases or you may have an office that practices a wide variety of law. The thing about a summary service is that they’re able often to handle your needs on a sliding scale. That means that they can accommodate a law firm that has a large number of medical summaries needed a month or a firm that only needs a few completed in the same amount of time.

This scalability also makes it a smarter choice when it comes to running the numbers of how much it would cost to use a service for your medical synopsis and summaries compared to hiring a person to work in the office. There are a lot of factors that go into hiring additional staff that adds to your overhead in several ways when using a service is one billed amount. You won’t have to consider whether or not you’ll need someone part-time or full-time. Plus, you won’t have to think about how to best utilize their time when they don’t have a summary or similar task to work on.

LM Summary Services

LM Summary Services can be the smart choice when it comes to trying to find the perfect medical summaries services for law firms. Our medical synopsis, chronologies, and summaries are professionally prepared by our expert staff that understands what you need for your clients to be successful. Get the quality medical summaries that you need for a cost that your budget can afford. Let us take on the task of getting these ready for you and your clients to free up your time for more important matters.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can enrich your law office by delegating your medical reports.