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5 Reasons to Hire a Brief Writing Service

Every law firm or disability representative wants to do what’s best for their clients – but oftentimes, it’s difficult to do this with the overwhelming amount of paperwork that comes with writing briefs. Sifting through medical records and drafting briefs is a long process that repeats itself with each new hearing; however, there is a solution. Hiring a brief writing service, such as LM Summary Services, has numerous benefits:

1. Save time.
Many times there is simply not enough time to sift through hundreds of pages of medical records in order to create a medical chronology, or to carefully draft a Social Security summary for each client. This is partially because of the volume of material to go through, and partly because attorneys often have so many other issues to take care of, such as scheduling hearings and working one-on-one with clients. Hiring a brief writing service means that you have more time to focus on each individual client, which means a better overall quality of service and thus greater client retention.

2. Save money.
Your alternative to a brief writing service is simply to hire more employees to write briefs for you – however, this can really rack up costs for your firm. Comparatively, hiring an outside service is much more cost-effective; furthermore, LM Summary Services specifically charges less than its competitors, thus saving you money in the long run. Furthermore, if you have more time to focus on each client without the tedious task of writing briefs, you will earn more profit for your firm or individual practice through attracting a larger clientele.

3. Receive specialized services.
With LM Summary Services, you can order briefs in your preferred format, working with our team to let us know what you desire. We specialize in medical chronologies and Social Security summaries, and have extensive knowledge in the rules and regulations of the Social Security System. Each summary contains a list of diagnoses, references to outside documents, and a summary argument as well as other supporting details.

4. Receive scalable service.
Depending on how many hearings you have, we can write more or fewer summaries or briefs for you in any given period of time. Simply let us know what you desire and we’ll get it done.

5. Receive quality service.
Our highest priority is to provide fast, reliable, quality service. With LM Summary Services, you can always rest assured knowing that all summaries are meticulously researched and written with details; our writers are highly trained and knowledgeable in their field.

How To Lower Your Social Security Disability Firm’s Overhead With A Brief And Summary Writing Service

Social Security and disability attorneys and firms can face a lot of challenges. Because these cases are often complicated, attorneys can spend a lot of unpaid hours researching and writing up plans, briefs, summaries and notes from medical case studies. If you are struggling to get all of the preparation work done for your social security and disability cases and are losing time that could be spent making money on other cases, there is a solution. You can hire a brief and summary writing service to complete this work for you, so you can focus on other aspects of the cases as well as other cases.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Brief And Summary Writing Service

There are numerous benefits of hiring a writing service to complete your briefs and summaries. By hiring someone else to take care of these documents, you can focus your time and efforts on other things. You can work on attracting new clients, marketing your services to other clients and customer service. You can also take your time organizing and preparing for other cases.

Brief writing services often charge less an hour than attorneys or paralegals, so hiring a writing service can save you a significant amount of overhead. You can use your time to focus on aspects of the case and other cases that you are being paid for and still rest assured that the briefs and summaries are being written professionally and will be high quality and exactly what you need when the court date comes around.

Finding A Good Writing Service

There are numerous brief and summary writing services that advertise online; however you need to be careful to make sure you find a service that has experience writing SSD briefs, and that the company charges reasonable rates.

If you are a Social Security and Disability firm and are overwhelmed by the amount of time you have to spend on writing summaries and briefs or if you feel you are spending more time on these tasks than what you are being paid for, hiring a writing service to take on some of the work and help you concentrate on other areas of your practice.