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How Can LM Summary Services Help Your Clients Win?

Currently, the number of people entering retirement age is increasing as the baby boomer generation gets older. As a result, more and more people are seeking Social Security benefits. What this means, unfortunately, is that the already understaffed Social Security Administration is now stretched even further. This overworking means that it is increasingly becoming more and more difficult to get approved for a disability claim through SSD, even though it is a separate division of Social Security. Thus, the importance of building your client’s case quickly and efficiently is crucial. This preparation can mean the difference between approval and denial. While an appeal is still an option, it is time-consuming and costly to both the client and your firm.

Fortunately, however, there is a solution to ensure that your client’s case is prepared correctly the first time, so you will not have to go through a lengthy appeals process. Let LM summary services provide you with the documentation you and your client need, saving you both time and money. Our high-quality, top-rated services include medical brief writing services and legal memo writing services to meet all of your firm’s needs.

Medical Briefs
As you probably know, to maximize the potential of your client getting approved right away, you need to have comprehensive documentation of his or her disability as well as current treatment. Hunting down and compiling these documents is a laborious task and one that we will gladly take on for you. We will also provide a detailed summary of the documents for easy scanning. Since most SSD representatives have only so much time to go over a case, the summary document is one of the most crucial, as it can expedite the approval process.

Legal Memos
One of the most time-consuming tasks for any firm is the creation of legal memos. Whether it’s a memo to a client, a fellow representative, or to the Social Security Administration, it has to be clear, concise, and professional. Let our dedicated team of legal memo writers take on this task for you, allowing you more time to prepare your case and meet with your clients. The ability to talk to your clients on a regular basis not only helps the case overall, but it can lead to referrals for your firm.

If you are looking for a way to increase the number of clients you can take on, as well as find a way to process each case more efficiently, look no further than LM summary services. From Memos to Briefs, we will provide you and your clients all of the proper documentation that you need to help get your disability case approved the first time.

The 10 Benefits of Hiring a Summary Service

Between meeting with clients, filing claims, and researching appeals, social security disability attorneys often find themselves stretched thin, with little time for lengthy documents, reports and transcripts. Working with a brief writing service specifically for disability attorneys can lead to a more productive, positive work environment.

1. Time Management
The long process of applying for disability for a client can often involve in-depth research into medical history, past employment and income, and records from many sources. Hiring a summary service will allow your advocates to concentrate their efforts on your clients rather than on maneuvering the many pages of documentation.

2. Cost Management
Many summary services also have budget-friendly options, such as paying by the page, to make their services affordable.

3. Expertise
Summary services hire legal and medical professionals who have been tested and vetted to ensure a quality product that will meet and exceed your expectations.

4. Experience
Legal and medical professionals who have been hired by summary services have had many years of experience drafting briefs and understand the intricacies involved in this technical writing style.

5. Meets and Exceeds Standards
With only 60 days to appeal a denied claim to the Social Security Appeals Council, you need to work quickly to provide the necessary information, in the correct format, on your client’s behalf. Summary services concentrate their time and efforts on writing briefs, providing them with the consistency that affords timely returns on contracted work.

6. Persuasive and Informed Briefs
Summary services understand the need for precise, sound arguments that work for your clients, and utilize their knowledge of the disability application and appeals system to bring you results-oriented briefs.

7. Better Prepared Advocates
A brief will provide your advocates with a more concise, targeted summary of the case or claim. A summary service will provide your lawyers with the information overview they need to win your clients’ cases.

8. Prevent Fruitless Efforts
Summary services know what works. Rather than spending time writing briefs that include superfluous details, they can hone in on the information that will help your advocates provide the best possible service to your clients.

9. Improve Your Odds
A well-written summary and hearing brief presented to the judge before the hearing can increase the chances of a favorable bench decision for your client.

10. Client Satisfaction
Your clients will appreciate the time you can invest in their disability application process, and deserve the best. Customers are more likely to recommend advocates with whom they have favorable experiences, increasing your referrals, leading to greater profits and creating a stronger business.