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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Medical Memo Writing Service

You may not have considered hiring a medical memo writing service in the past. It’s something that can be handled in-house, right? You may think that there is no reason why you should go to a professional service for help, but here are the top five reasons to hire a medical memo writing service to work for your office.

Medical Memo Writing Services Expert

1. Better Serve Your Clients

A good medical memo that is expertly written will help you to serve your client’s needs better. The right medication information will be on hand when needed during the proceedings. This can make or break your cases.

2. Streamline Your Schedule

Your schedule will thank you for going to a professional medical memo writing service. No longer will you or your staff have to try to find time to fit this task into your already busy schedule. Sifting through medical information can be time-consuming, so it’ll be a real boon to adding time to your schedule.

3. Add More Clients

Your schedule will no longer be filled up with having to do complex medical research to create these medical memos for your clients, so you’ll actually be able to expand to adding more clients to your business. You’ll have more time to accommodate these additions while still providing excellent services to all of your clients.

4. Professional Results

Using a professional medical memo writing service you know that every memo that is sent to your office will be created by trained writers. The only focus these writers have is providing you with a medical memo that will cover all the pertinent medical information that is necessary for your case. No worries about information being missed thanks to our services.

5. Scalable Solution

A professional medical memo writing service is completely scalable to your needs. We can handle just a few cases in a month for you or a large number of cases. You may have considered hiring someone to work in your office to handle this medical writing for you, but what happens if they aren’t kept busy? You may be wasting your money. In this instance, you’ll only be paying for what you and your clients need.

Here are some pretty good reasons why you can’t afford to keep ignoring your need to add this service to your current routine. You’ll be happy with the results, and your clients will be extremely happy with you. A complete win-win.

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Why are Medical Summaries Necessary in North Carolina Personal Injury Claims?

North Carolina personal injury claims take up a lot of time and attention. They have to because of how important they are, and how nuanced these cases can be because of the medical information involved. That is why medical summaries are necessary for North Carolina personal injury claims. They can be beneficial on so many levels.

Medical Summary for Personal Injury

Benefits of Professionally Prepared Medical Summaries

Increase Amount of Clients Helped

For a busy lawyer or law firm, streamlining the process of presenting and handling a personal injury claim makes sense. The quicker you’re able to assemble the information you need, the more clients you’ll be able to better assist. Medical summaries can be extremely helpful in this manner when prepared by a medical summary service. A professional service can save you a large amount of time on your summaries.

Better Outcomes for Clients

Medical summaries that are expertly crafted also have the benefit of providing all of the information you need to get the best outcome for your client. Medical information that is missing when it comes time to talk about settlements or go to trial can be very detrimental to your client. The best case is one that has all the pertinent information included in it. Professionals that are specifically trained to handle these medical summaries know what information is going to be important to be added into the summary.

Time Savings

A final benefit that comes from using professionally prepared medical summaries is that it can be a time savings. Your time is valuable, and you may be wasting it if you are doing your own medical summaries. You may even think that you’re getting ahead by having your staff handle your medical summaries, but their valuable time can be spent on other tasks, as well. A professional service is able to handle your medical summaries for your personal injury claims in a timely fashion because that’s all that is being handled and they have specific training on complete these summaries.

Get Started Today

Ready to learn more about how your office or firm can be benefited by using a professional service like LM Summary Services? We’re here to answer all of your questions and concerns that you may have about starting to implement our service in your practice. Our service can accommodate a large number of North Carolina personal injury claims or even just a few. The scalability is one of the things that makes our service so attractive.

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Getting the Best Settlement for Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can be a very touchy subject for clients. They have gone through a very traumatic event, and they still have to deal with it even if their wounds have already healed up. They have to relive the ordeal of what they went through during the event that caused their injury, and it’s hard for them. That’s why it’s so important for you as their attorney to help them to get the best settlement possible for their personal injury claims. There is one particular product that will help you towards working on the best settlement, and that is a medical summary.

Medical Summary for Personal injury claim

Personal Injury Cases and Medical Histories

The most important information in any personal injury claim is the medical information that the case is based on. A person’s injuries and their severity will play a crucial role in the settlement that will be received, and not having an exact medical history can hurt the potential outcome of your claim. The person presiding over your case will make a determination about how to handle this case based on the medical details that you provide, and a faulty medical history may cause them not to find enough evidence of a serious enough injury to receive the most compensation possible. Make sure that you have an excellent medical summary to use to prove the extent of your client’s medical information.

Professional Medical Summaries

In order to ensure that you have an expertly crafted medical summary that has all of the pertinent information included is to use a professional medical summary service like LM Summary Services. We employ an expert staff that has an in-depth knowledge of what is necessary for a medical summary in a personal injury claim case. You can get all of the medical summaries that you need in a month without having to sacrifice a large amount of time in your office to get them done. This can change the way that you handle your personal injury claims for the better as you’ll have the information you need to get great settlements and to bring in more clients.

Your client going through a personal injury claim that they may not even be completely over yet relies on your legal expertise to handle their case effectively to get them the best outcome possible. You can rely on the medical expertise of our staff at LM Summary Services to provide you with the precise medical summaries that you need to achieve that outcome for your client. Contact us today to talk about how you can start using our services for your legal firm’s clients today.

Benefits of a Paperless Practice Using a Medical Records Summary Service

A Medical Record Summary Service is the hot new thing for law offices for a number of reasons. Services such of these are extremely useful to attorneys and clients alike. A medical summary is a comprehensive overview of your medical history, doctor’s notes, prescriptions, etc. A Medical Summary Service is tasked with gathering this information, going through it for the most valuable of information, and putting it together in a packet legible and understandable for anyone, including a judge. Many law firms and attorneys have opted for such a service for the following reasons:

Paperless Practice Medical Record

1. Saves Time

A medical summary service will get your summary together in half the time that an attorney would. They can focus on scouring the internet and records while your attorney preps for your case. The service will know where to look and what to look for. They are trained to do so, and will do it in half the time.

2. Saves Money

In law, time equals money. Lawyers may have to pay their paralegals extra, especially if the case is very complicated. They may also have to do the extra work themselves, which will cost you, the client, more in the end. Furthermore, the service itself isn’t very expensive and will save you more money in the end.

3. Better quality

Because the employees at such services are trained for this purpose, the results will be much higher quality. They will know what to look for, especially for specific cases. You attorney may not have enough time to prepare the summary and your case for record at the same time, so he or she may not be as thorough as he or she could be. So, such a service may prove useful.

4. Lawyers can focus on the case

Preparing your case is a lengthy process. It requires learning the case, understanding all the key parts, and then preparing you for court as well. Add in looking through all your records and combining them into a comprehensive document, and it’s quite the heavy workload for said lawyer. Requiring a dual focus will only hurt your case in the long run.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Outsourcing the medical summary to a specified service can also reduce waste and paper consumption, helping your firm be more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they can keep the files and records in order to further help your case.

Records Needed for North Carolina Personal Injury Claims

So you need to file a personal injury claim. You sustained an injury and can no longer support yourself and your family, so you reach out for some relief. In doing so, you need to work with the judicial system. This process requires a lot of paperwork and preparation. A lawyer can help you navigate the sea of paperwork, or you can opt for a specialized service that puts your records and summary together for you. Or, you can save some money and put your records together yourself before you bring it to your lawyer. In North Carolina, you will need the following records:

Legal Papers Complaint for Personal Injury

1. Hospital Records

You are going to want to document your hospital stays, especially for your case. Save all receipts and paperwork, and make sure to get a copy of everything. We suggest finding an organizational system that helps you keep your documents in order. This system will help your lawyer understand your case with ease and will cut down on the time he or she will have to spend on organizing your papers, and when it comes to your lawyer, times really is money. Furthermore, you know which hospitals you stayed in better than your attorneys, so getting that information would be easier for you.

2. Doctors’ Notes

Save all correspondences between you and your doctors for your case as well. Any prescriptions they give you, treatments, visit notes, etc. Again, ask for copies. This can also help you cover your own butt in case anything goes wrong. Try to record conversations between you and your doctor as well as phone calls. While we would like to think that everyone is always honest and does the right thing, you need to prepare for the worst. Furthermore documentation from your doctor will help reinforce that your condition does, in fact, exist.

3. Test Results

Along those lines, it is also important to save all test results as soon as you get them. Again, you want to protect yourself, and you need this information for your case. So, keep copies of everything and stay organized.

4. Pay Stubs

We have covered the medical side of the claim. Now, we must consider the financial side of it. In order to prove that the injury is affecting your ability to work. If you don’t collect your pay stubs, you may want to start and/or ask your employer for copies. Some have you go through the system, so make sure you know how to access your stubs. This particular type of evidence can show the loss of income you suffer due to your personal injury.

What the Top Personal Injury Law Firms Don’t Want You To Know

With so many lawyers in the game, it is important to dissociate yourself from the crowd. In a time where the law profession draws so many people in, how does one pick a certain firm or single attorney as a top choice for Personal Injury victims? Furthermore, a personal injury case does not necessarily need a lawyer to proceed, although it helps immensely. Therefore, lawyers need to do something special to get a prospective client’s attention. To distinguish themselves, the top law firms have started to use a summary service to construct medical summaries, legal memos, etc. Take a look at some reason why summary service will help you become the gold standard in personal injury law.

Summary Services for Personal Injury

1. Better Pricing

Lawyers usually work at an hourly rate, so the more time he or she works on your case, the more it will cost you in the end. Therefore, you are going to want to find ways to cut costs. Firms that use outside sources work less hours because they do not have to take that time to tediously go through your records and create these packets of information. In fact, it is cheaper to outsource this job because they will have it completed twice as fast. Therefore, those who use a summary service can offer lower prices for their service, which makes them a top choice for personal injury victims.

2. High Quality

Summary services are specifically trained to pick out the important information for a medical summary, and therefore, will have a higher quality product. Moreover, while the summary services do all the summarizing and writing, the lawyer can focus on your case. For more complicated cases, you will appreciate the extra time the lawyer will have to commit to your case.

3. Thoroughness

Similar to the quality of the summary, a summary service will have more time and resources to find every piece of medical history you can possibly have. Say your injury or disability has you jumping from doctor to doctor. It becomes difficult to track all of these various pieces of your history. An attorney may not have that same amount of time and patience alone to play “Where’s Waldo, ” causing him to sacrifice time he can use to work on your case or forcing him to use his staff to do the work for a higher price to you. Therefore, suggesting a summary service to your attorney may be beneficial for everyone around.