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Medical Chronologies for Social Security Lawyers

Medical chronology for Social Security LawyersSocial Security lawyers know just how important it is to have the right summaries and medical records in place when applying for the first time with a client or when working through an appeal. As the details within these chronologies help lay out the case for the applicant to receive benefits and have a significant impact on the arguments made, it is important for lawyers to consider outsourcing these medical chronologies to a team of experts.

Doing so allows the lawyer to remain focused on the important legal aspects of a case knowing that the client is as prepared as possible for their application or appeal review. A medical summary can also be referred to as a Social Security disability chronology.

Medical record chronologies require extensive analysis of the medical records within a case. This process involves the detailed review of what can include hundreds of pages of medical records for the purposes of locating, organizing, reviewing, identifying, and interpreting the most important details inside. When there are multiple medical issues involved and numerous healthcare providers who have submitted records, this can be an involved and laborious process. This can save attorney time and energy where it can be better directed towards other aspects of the applicant’s case.

Reasons to Consider Hiring Someone to Help with Social Security Disability Chronologies

While some cases involving claims for disability are relatively straightforward, it is more often the case that lawyers are working with patients who have very complex cases or even more than one condition. This means that the medical records can be extensive and difficult to analyze, much less organize. While as an attorney it’s certainly possible to invest that effort in doing it in-house, the responsibilities with these cases are usually so high that it’s a wise choice to partner with a company provided Social Security medical chronologies.

There are many benefits to doing this, the first of which is having all of the most pertinent medical facts easily accessible by you and your team. Handing this off to Social Security medical chronology experts means that the record review involves the analysis of important facts in the detail required.

When the patient has already gathered medical records or when various medical facilities have sent them in to the office of a Social Security disability lawyer, these are often high in terms of volume and disorganization. This makes it difficult for paralegals or for attorneys to review. Summarization and chronology are essential components of an applicant’s claim for disability benefits when it comes to fighting an appeal or even when a complex case is first being filed.

A properly prepared medical record chronology provides the most important details and the timeline of events for medical issues with the patient from the time of the injury and beyond. Good medical chronologies will include the facts of the case, the list of services provided, the healthcare providers involved in those visits, and the outcome of any medical events, such as surgery. These help to illustrate the severity of the medical condition at hand, how it has affected the patient, and the sequence of events that brought the patient to the current poit in time.

In addition to being prepared for the case review, attorneys can also use the information included in Social Security disability chronologies to analyze potential weak spots or areas of confusion that could cause issues with the Social Security Agency. This will help the applicant be prepared for a potential denial and the roadmap to follow if that happens but also to know some of the possible questions or concerns that could emerge in advance. This can give the attorney and the applicant the chance to address these issues more conclusively and confidently should they arise during an evaluation of the applicant’s claim.

What to Look for When Hiring Someone

having the confidence that the team you’ve hired has the right skill set and background in preparing a medical chronology is important; ask about their experience, typical process, and turnaround time. This can help to narrow down the search to a top-notch provider that will make this application process simplified for you. Our team experts are ready to ease the burden of medical record summary and chronology to benefit the involved legal team and the patient applying for Social Security disability benefits.

Why is the SSA Website the Best Source for Social Security Info?

The official website of the Social Security Info provides all the information you need to file for disability benefits, survivor’s benefits and Social Security benefits if you are at least 61 and nine months old. Online applications for disability benefits are also accepted if you are over 18 years old, not a current recipient of SSA benefits and have been diagnosed with a medical condition expected to continue for at least one year. After submitting your application, an SSA representative will phone or send mail to your designated address if additional Social Security info is needed to process your application.

Social Security Administration

What is the Blue Book of Medical Conditions?

One of the most important pieces of information found on the SSA website is the Blue Book, which describes all medical conditions considered by the SSA to be potentially eligible for disability benefits. Diseases and disorders are grouped under the physiological system they affect. For example, Respiratory Disorders 3.00 lists the following medical conditions as disabling if certain criteria are met:

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Chronic pulmonary hypertension

When filing an application for disability benefits, you must submit all nonmedical and medical sources contributing to the clinical diagnosis of your medical condition. Medical sources include diagnostic imaging scans, laboratory test results, prognosis reports and details regarding treatment response. Nonmedical sources include letters from employers, caregivers, friends or clergy documenting how your medical condition has severely impacted your quality of life and ability to perform routine daily tasks.

What is a Social Security Brief?

Applying for disability is complicated and time-consuming, even with all the Social Security info provided on the SSA website. Most people hire a disability attorney to avoid denials and lengthy appeals. An SSD brief for attorney processes can expedite approval for a disability claim is essential to winning your claim.

A Social Security brief can only be complied by professionals who know exactly what the SSA wants to see in a disability claim. Briefs offer a cleanly written, concise summary of the applicant’s diagnosis and medical diagnosis supported by a clinically accurate argument regarding evidence of the disability.

Contact us today to learn how you can have an SSD brief for attorney purposes developed to bolster your disability case.

How Medical Summary Writing Services helps Attorneys to win Disability Cases?

A comprehensive medical summary provided by professional summary writing services is essential for winning a difficult disability claim. When a disability attorney takes on an SSI or SSDI disability case that has been denied at least once, they rely on medical summaries to prove their client’s disability is permanent and severe enough to prevent their client from working and earning a living.

Medical Summary Writing Services

Medical summaries are not just lists of all treatments, laboratory tests and imaging scans but also includes details about a person’s life that may have contributed to their disabling physical and/or psychological condition. In addition, medical summary writing services describe how the condition has impacted the person’s life and what kind of life the individual is expected to have as a consequence of their condition.

What is Included in a Medical Summary Report for Social Security Benefits?

A disability attorney should expect the following items to be included in a medical summary describing someone with a physical illness:

  • Date of initial diagnosis/documentation describing the condition
  • Functional limitations caused by the illness
  • First-hand accounts provided by family and friends of how the illness has impacted the person’s life
  • Employment history (can show if the person has repeatedly tried to work but could not remain employed due to their condition)
  • Physician/surgeon reports regarding progression of the condition (will it remain stable or worsen?)
  • Description of treatments (results of treatment–did the patient experience symptom relief or adverse effects?)

Alternately, a disability case involving individuals who are mentally ill should be supported by a medical summary providing the following information:

  • Age of onset of symptoms
  • Intellectual capacity
  • Outward appearance (neatly dressed, disheveled?)
  • History of family problems/dysfunction
  • Academic performance in grade, middle and high school
  • Employment/relationship history
  • Psychologist notes/referrals
  • Past and current treatment programs


If you are a disability attorney working on a disability case that’s been denied, find out how our medical summary writing services can help you get the consistent results you want for your clients.

Role of Organized Medical Records in Bipolar Disability Cases

As you prepare for an important social security disability case, nothing is more important than access to a clear, detailed and organized medical history for your client. While this can be a lengthy and very time-consuming process for lawyers that attempt to complete it on their own, there are professionals available that have the knowledge and skills necessary to create a sorted and categorized medical chronology to help aid in your bipolar disability cases.

Bipolar Disorder

Why is Bipolar Disorder Medical Chronology So Important for a Winning Case?

Medical records are never very easy to understand and when you’re looking for specific details that can make or break a social security disability appeal, you need to have quick access to the facts. Medical chronologies are precise, clear and to the point. You’ll never have to worry about wasting valuable time in front of a judge or during a settlement conference when you have organized medical records to rely on.

In fact, organized medical chronologies are especially important for more complex claims like bipolar disability cases. As the Social Security Administrations rules and requirements become extremely more difficult to navigate, every SSD/SSI lawyer needs to make sure they can find key medical information in a moments notice.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Bipolar Medical Chronology Services?

Some of the most significant benefits of organized medical information for your cases include:

· Access to a chronological arrangement of your patient’s entire medical history and healthcare information

· Helpful when preparing for depositions and when arguing a case in front of a judge.

· Ideal for ensuring complete discovery of facts and creating a linear timeline of medical events.

· When clearly organized, a patient’s medical history can help to aid in communication throughout the legal process.

Discover the Benefits of Medical Chronology Services for Bipolar Disability Cases

Nothing is more frustrating than searching for key medical information in front of a judge only to come up empty-handed. With the help of clear and organized medical information, SSD lawyers can rest easy knowing they are always prepared.

How Can Medical Chronology Help Lawyers in Cancer Disability Cases?

Medical chronology preparation is an important aspect of any successful legal case. This vital service is designed to help lawyers utilize a clear and organized view of their client’s medical history and charts in a variety of different cancer disability cases. In fact, a well-organized chronology can help to highlight the most important aspects of a social security disability claim that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

chronology for cancer disability

What Are the Benefits of Cancer Disability Medical Chronology Services?

Most lawyers depend on medical chronology to help shed light on complex medical cases like those often involved in cancer disability cases. As the Social Security Administration continues to make changes to their requirements, it is harder and harder to prove that patients are eligible to receive their benefits. Luckily, with the help of an accurate medical case chronology, your attorney will have access to the key facts in your case. Some of the other great benefits of cancer disability medical chronology include:

· Customized documentation that is designed to help increase productivity and save time.

· The chronological arrangement of medical records helps to create a more linear timeline of the patient’s medical history and clarify the thought process as you prepare the case.

· Extremely useful when preparing for depositions, during the trial and during settlement conferences.

· Ensure the complete discovery with a clear listing of facts that are being disputed and facts that may require additional sources.

· Aid in communication between the client, legal team and judge.

· Helpful with informing and/or educating the judge when taking a case to trial.

· A cost-effective solution to organizing and preparing all medical documentation regarding the case by yourself.

· Access to highly trained and experienced chronologists who will not overlook important details and can work with your team on an ongoing basis.

Discover the Benefits of Medical Chronology for Cancer Disability Cases Today

Taking advantage of valuable cancer disability medical chronology services can mean the difference between winning or losing an SSD claim in court.

Medical Chronologies in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical chronologies provide vital evidence in medical malpractice cases that show someone has suffered a severely disabling disease or disorder due to physician error. A medical chronology is a complete and detailed record of clinical events affecting the defendant from the time the medical malpractice occurred to the present. To create a medical malpractice chronology, attorneys gain access to their client’s medical records to locate, identify, interpret and review records pertinent to the case.

Medical Malpractice Chronology

Information included in medical chronologies include signs and symptoms of illness following a medical malpractice event, diagnosis of health issues following medical malpractice and all treatments necessary to maintain quality of life for the victim of medical malpractice.

Why Would a Medical Malpractice Victim Need Attorney-Produced Medical Chronologies?

Medical malpractice cases are difficult to prove because attorneys must prove an established “health care” relationship existed between their client and the client’s doctor when the medical malpractice occurred. Attorneys must also show that the health provider failed to practice a “standard of ordinary care” while attending to the patient. Sworn testimony and medical records, including a medical malpractice chronology, are essential for proving a physician or other medical provider did not practice standards of ordinary care. Determining damages also requires complete medical chronologies, sworn testimony from experts and documentation of medical bills incurred by the medical malpractice event.

How a Medical Malpractice Chronology Is Created

After gathering all of their client’s medical records, attorneys appoint medical malpractice chronology experts to summarize important information, read through both handwritten and printed details, mark areas suspected of encompassing the legal definition of negligence and present them in proper form to attorneys handling the case.

Medical chronologies are also important when it is time for the Social Security Administration to review a disability case when victims of medical malpractice must rely on Social Security disability payments if they can no longer work.

Contact our law firm today to schedule an appointment if you or someone you know has been the victim of medical malpractice.

How Chronology Helps to Win Compensation for Medical & Clinical Negligence

When a client has been injured as a result of medical or clinical negligence, a clear timeline of events is extremely important as you build your case. For a lawyer, putting together case files is necessary to examine key details in the case. But the actual task of creating a chronology for clinical negligence can be an extremely time-consuming task. Luckily, with the help of high-quality medical negligence summary services, you can spend your time focusing on more important aspects of your case.

Medical Negligence

How Does Chronology Help Support a Winning Medical or Clinical Negligence Claim?

Locating, organizing and understanding medical records is not an easy process. Medical records typically come in a variety of different types of documents, and trying to make sense of the information included can be hard. But at the same time, a detailed medical timeline is essential to winning compensation for a personal injury or medical malpractice case. Because of this, law firms, insurance companies and their clients can all benefit from medical chronology services.

Leading personal injury attorneys understand that time is money and when you have the ability to quickly make informed decisions based off of a medical negligence summary, your client will benefit. A good medical review company relies on efficient organization and a strong eye for detail in order to outline a comprehensive and concise chronology for clinical negligence. Some of the advantages of using this type of service include:

· Detailed medical records review

· A chronological timeline of your client’s entire medical history

· Excellent turnaround time

· Documentation that is customized to fit your needs

· Comprehensive support services

· And more

Discover the Benefits of Medical Summary Services

Utilizing medical chronology services is the easiest way to ensure that you spend your time wisely as you prepare to take your claim to court, improving overall efficiency and helping to win the compensation your clients deserve.

Why Hire a Medical or Legal Memo Writing Service?

When you’re working on a disability case, you have a lot of things going on at once. Not only are you working to gather your information and meet deadlines, you also have to walk your clients through the process while taking care of their needs and concerns. With all this going on, the last thing you should have to do is worry about your legal or medical documents. This is why you should hire a writing service like LM Summary Services to take are of all your memo writing needs.

Medical Summary

What does a legal and medical memo writing service offer?

As you no doubt know already, disability cases are most often won or lost depending on the quality of the documentation submitted. No matter how open-and-shut a situation might appear to those on the inside, without the correct documents it’s possible that a case might get thrown out or return an unsatisfactory verdict simply because the one making the final call doesn’t have all the facts. Because of this, as well as other reasons, it’s important to consider hiring professional help when it’s time to compile your documents.

What can a service like this do?

Let’s talk about medical documents first. Hiring a medical memo writing service offers you several advantages. First, it saves you time and energy. Because you no longer have to be the one digging through records and tracking down the necessary documents for a case, you have more time to spend on other aspects of the case that need your expert legal attention.

Saving time like this can also help because it allows you to focus on your clients. When someone comes to you with a case, they are not only looking for an advocate to help them in the courtroom, they are also looking for a companion who will walk them through the process, explain what is happening and reassure them when things get difficult. You can’t do that if you are spending all of your time reading through records and writing up your medical memos.

Third, hiring a service for your medical documents also helps you win cases. As an attorney, you know the value of expert help and advice. When it comes time for your documents, who better to trust them with than an experienced, professional service that knows what’s needed in a document to help make a strong case?

What about legal documents?

As if dealing with medical records and documentation isn’t enough, there’s a good chance that your legal papers in general are threatening to take over all of your time. This is why the writing service you hire should be well-versed in writing and preparing legal paperwork as well. Just like medical records, correctly prepared legal documents are also integral to the success of a case, and getting them right isn’t just a matter of your own personal pride – it’s necessary. A legal memo writing service can help you make your deadlines with expertly written documents, taking the time and energy off of you and letting you put them where they’re needed most: your client.

For all of these reasons, hiring a medical and legal memo writing service can be the step you need to ensure the success of your cases now and in the future. If you haven’t considered it yet, you owe it yourself and — more importantly — your clients now and in the future to see what we have to offer, and how we can help you. Contact us today!

Medical Summary Services for Disability Attorney

There is a lot of work that goes into building a disability case. These types of cases require a lot of evidence in order to help your client get approved for Social Security disability benefits. You may want to consider using a disability attorney medical summary service to help build your case.

summary for disability attorney

This is a great way to be sure that you have all of the necessary information together and in an easy to understand format. These medical summaries for attorneys are a great asset.

Benefits of working with a disability attorney medical summary service:

– Save you time.

One of the greatest benefits in using a summary service to help build your medical summaries for your clients is that it will save you time. By not having to pour over all of the information yourself, you can best use your time to work on your clients’ cases. Working through medical documentation to pull out the most relevant information is not the best use of your time. You can use this time to work on other aspects of your cases.

This can also be of great assistance in helping you to maintain a good work-life balance. Attorneys already work many hours and are subject to burn-out. By outsourcing some of the work, such as medical summaries, you will be able to reduce your workload. If you have a better work-life balance, you will be able to work more efficiently by focusing your attention on the highest priority aspects of your job.

– Make sure to include all of the pertinent information.

The medical documentation can be complicated and take a lot of time to work through. When you use a service that provides medical summaries for attorneys, you will be working with experts in medical documentation. These individuals are highly skilled in going over and pulled out the most relevant information to your case. They will be able to do this in a timely manner and you can rest assured that all of the information that you need will be there. It will also be easy to understand for both you and your client.

– Allocate resources where you need them the most.

You may seek out others in your practice to go over medical documentation. Instead of using these resources to go over this information, you can better use them in other places and aspects of your case. You could also save money by not needing to hire additional staff for this kind of work. When you use a disability attorney medical summary service, you will gain a valuable partner to help you go over information and work on your case for a set fee.

There are many benefits to working with a disability attorney medical summary service. It is a great way to build your success and make your law firm more profitable. Contact us today to see how we can help you with our medical summaries for attorneys.

How a Medical Summary Helps in Workers Compensation Claim and Petitions

When a worker is injured on the job, the natural result of such an injury is a worker’s compensation claim. Whether or not it was an accident, a result of negligence or some other factor, it’s important for the legal courts to review the information in order to decide who was at at fault and how much, if any, of the medical costs should be covered by the employer. Of course, the court can’t make this decision without proper evidence that shows who or what contributed to the injury at hand. And the only way the court can make this sort of decision is with the use of a medical summary.

medical summary helps

What is a Medical Summary?

A medical summary is a compilation of all of the documents and information that relates to a specific case or claim. When someone is injured, the subsequent medical treatment creates a rather involved paper trail. This paper trail includes things like test results, x-rays, lab work, doctor’s notes and other pieces of documentation. This information all goes together to create a thorough and complete medical summary. A well-written medical summary can often be the difference between a win or a loss in a workers compensation claim, because often the court’s decision is based in part on the information found in the summary. For this reason, it’s important to have a medical summary that is as complete and accurate as possible.

How Can A Medical Summary Help or Hurt a Case?

When an employee suffers an injury, there are a lot of possible ramifications that can affect both the employer as well as the employee. Determining who was at fault is only one small part of it, although that is important in determining how much liability the employee has. If the company is indeed liable, then a medical summary becomes crucial in dealing with things like loss of pay and treatment.

For example, If a worker can not return to work for a while he or she will be expecting for workers compensation to pay for the wages being lost while he or she is out and unable to work. You can bet the company’s insurance company is going to review the workers compensation claim very carefully to make sure that they are indeed required to cover the worker’s loss of income and inability to work while recovering. If medical documentation is not there to prove the extent of the injuries and the long-term prognosis, the insurance company will have a strong case to deny the claim.

As another example, consider treatment: if the injured worker has to undergo costly medical procedures, the company’s medical insurance company is going to expect there to be medical documentation that supports the necessity of these treatments.

Of course, medical summaries can also be used against the worker as well — for instance, if a treatment or medication was prescribed, and the worker has not followed through and done the required exercises or taken the prescribed medication, then the insurance company can argue that they are longer liable to cover the medical costs for someone who is not doing their part to speed up recovery.

In short, a medical summary is a necessary element of any successful workers compensation claim, but like a double-edged sword they can cut both ways. They can work either for or against the worker, which is why it’s important for them to be thorough and accurate, and it’s important for the worker to listen to and follow any and all medical advice.

If you would like to know more about medical summaries and how they can affect a workers compensation claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.