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How Can Medical Chronology Help Lawyers in Cancer Disability Cases?

Medical chronology preparation is an important aspect of any successful legal case. This vital service is designed to help lawyers utilize a clear and organized view of their client’s medical history and charts in a variety of different cancer disability cases. In fact, a well-organized chronology can help to highlight the most important aspects of a social security disability claim that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

chronology for cancer disability

What Are the Benefits of Cancer Disability Medical Chronology Services?

Most lawyers depend on medical chronology to help shed light on complex medical cases like those often involved in cancer disability cases. As the Social Security Administration continues to make changes to their requirements, it is harder and harder to prove that patients are eligible to receive their benefits. Luckily, with the help of an accurate medical case chronology, your attorney will have access to the key facts in your case. Some of the other great benefits of cancer disability medical chronology include:

· Customized documentation that is designed to help increase productivity and save time.

· The chronological arrangement of medical records helps to create a more linear timeline of the patient’s medical history and clarify the thought process as you prepare the case.

· Extremely useful when preparing for depositions, during the trial and during settlement conferences.

· Ensure the complete discovery with a clear listing of facts that are being disputed and facts that may require additional sources.

· Aid in communication between the client, legal team and judge.

· Helpful with informing and/or educating the judge when taking a case to trial.

· A cost-effective solution to organizing and preparing all medical documentation regarding the case by yourself.

· Access to highly trained and experienced chronologists who will not overlook important details and can work with your team on an ongoing basis.

Discover the Benefits of Medical Chronology for Cancer Disability Cases Today

Taking advantage of valuable cancer disability medical chronology services can mean the difference between winning or losing an SSD claim in court.

Medical Chronologies in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical chronologies provide vital evidence in medical malpractice cases that show someone has suffered a severely disabling disease or disorder due to physician error. A medical chronology is a complete and detailed record of clinical events affecting the defendant from the time the medical malpractice occurred to the present. To create a medical malpractice chronology, attorneys gain access to their client’s medical records to locate, identify, interpret and review records pertinent to the case.

Medical Malpractice Chronology

Information included in medical chronologies include signs and symptoms of illness following a medical malpractice event, diagnosis of health issues following medical malpractice and all treatments necessary to maintain quality of life for the victim of medical malpractice.

Why Would a Medical Malpractice Victim Need Attorney-Produced Medical Chronologies?

Medical malpractice cases are difficult to prove because attorneys must prove an established “health care” relationship existed between their client and the client’s doctor when the medical malpractice occurred. Attorneys must also show that the health provider failed to practice a “standard of ordinary care” while attending to the patient. Sworn testimony and medical records, including a medical malpractice chronology, are essential for proving a physician or other medical provider did not practice standards of ordinary care. Determining damages also requires complete medical chronologies, sworn testimony from experts and documentation of medical bills incurred by the medical malpractice event.

How a Medical Malpractice Chronology Is Created

After gathering all of their client’s medical records, attorneys appoint medical malpractice chronology experts to summarize important information, read through both handwritten and printed details, mark areas suspected of encompassing the legal definition of negligence and present them in proper form to attorneys handling the case.

Medical chronologies are also important when it is time for the Social Security Administration to review a disability case when victims of medical malpractice must rely on Social Security disability payments if they can no longer work.

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How Chronology Helps to Win Compensation for Medical & Clinical Negligence

When a client has been injured as a result of medical or clinical negligence, a clear timeline of events is extremely important as you build your case. For a lawyer, putting together case files is necessary to examine key details in the case. But the actual task of creating a chronology for clinical negligence can be an extremely time-consuming task. Luckily, with the help of high-quality medical negligence summary services, you can spend your time focusing on more important aspects of your case.

Medical Negligence

How Does Chronology Help Support a Winning Medical or Clinical Negligence Claim?

Locating, organizing and understanding medical records is not an easy process. Medical records typically come in a variety of different types of documents, and trying to make sense of the information included can be hard. But at the same time, a detailed medical timeline is essential to winning compensation for a personal injury or medical malpractice case. Because of this, law firms, insurance companies and their clients can all benefit from medical chronology services.

Leading personal injury attorneys understand that time is money and when you have the ability to quickly make informed decisions based off of a medical negligence summary, your client will benefit. A good medical review company relies on efficient organization and a strong eye for detail in order to outline a comprehensive and concise chronology for clinical negligence. Some of the advantages of using this type of service include:

· Detailed medical records review

· A chronological timeline of your client’s entire medical history

· Excellent turnaround time

· Documentation that is customized to fit your needs

· Comprehensive support services

· And more

Discover the Benefits of Medical Summary Services

Utilizing medical chronology services is the easiest way to ensure that you spend your time wisely as you prepare to take your claim to court, improving overall efficiency and helping to win the compensation your clients deserve.

Reasons to Use a VA Disability Chronology Service

When you are applying for VA disability, or you are representing someone who is, it’s important to build as strong a case as possible. While this is done in many ways, the most important part of the puzzle is often the medical chronology. Medical chronologies for VA disability are important because the VA uses the information to help understand things such as how a disability began, what treatments were administered and what the prognosis is.

VA Disability Chronology Services

If you are thinking that a document this important is something you could create yourself, you might want to think again. A thorough and complete medical history can be a time-consuming document that has to be right, or it can end up hurting your case. With that being said, here are some reasons to use a chronology service when you need a VA disability memo.

1) Good medical histories take a long time

To make a thorough and complete medical history takes a long time. It requires pouring over hundreds, if not thousands, of medical documents in order to get all of the necessary information. Meanwhile, the case might drag on for months and months, and all the while even more paperwork is being generated that you have to go through and add to the existing chronology. In other words, creating a successful chronology takes a lot of time — time that should be spent on other important things related to the case.

2) Good medical histories take up your attention

While medical chronologies are important, they aren’t the only thing that goes into making a successful disability case. While all your time is spend on the history, there are other parts of the case being neglected. By letting someone else do the heavy lifting on this, you can work on other aspects of the case (or even other matters entirely) that should not be neglected.

3) Good medical histories take a trained eye

Another important thing to remember when preparing a successful VA disability memo is that this is not something that just anyone can do well. Because a useful medical chronology requires pouring over so many documents, it takes a trained eye to be able to spot what information is necessary and what is not. Even though a chronology needs to be thorough, it also requires the ability to know what not to include. Knowing what to include and what not to include, and then knowing what to do with that information once you’ve found it is the hallmark of a trained medical chronology expert.

4) Good medical histories are vital for the disability hearing.

Because successful VA disability memos are a vital part of a VA disability hearing, it’s important to make sure your medical chronology is as good as it can get. This is not the time to try and cut a few corners. These records are used to provide objective evidence that your disability is a real condition that requires benefits and services in order to be manageable.Without this medical history, the case is as good as dead in the water.

Medical Case Scenarios and Experts’ Medical Opinions

When it comes to disability and injury law, as in other parts of the legal profession, evidence is everything. Judges want to see that your clients have an established medical history that proves their claim, often backed up by expert opinions and doctors’ records. But one other tool that lawyers can use in these cases — whether you’re litigating social security disability, personal injury, VA disability or workers’ compensation — is medical case scenarios. These documents, which record cases involving specific injuries or illnesses and track what happened to the health of the person involved, can help you study previous cases similar to your clients’ and work out a strategy for your current case.

Expert Medical Opinion

Medical case scenarios can be beneficial for several reasons. First, they can help you (and a judge) understand what options exist for a person going through the specific condition that your client faces, and thus what they’re legally owed in terms of compensation. They can also help provide evidence that supports the claim that your client is making, which may otherwise be difficult to come by.

Another way you can bolster your client’s chances of getting their claim approved is through experts’ medical opinions, which are invaluable in cases where it’s unclear whether your client can actually work again or not. Medical experts can provide valuable evidence explaining why your client is no longer able to work and can go through the specific medical reasons for the symptoms they are experiencing. This goes a long way toward convincing a skeptical judge who otherwise might not see your client’s condition as a very significant obstacle.

The bad news is that both of these tools — medical case scenarios and experts’ medical opinions — take a lot more time and effort than you probably have, even if you feel that they’re necessary. The good news is that both can be easily done through a legal summary service, which can gather information for you and put it together in a readable and comprehensive format for you to present in paperwork or in court. That way, you can focus on working with your client instead of conducting research and writing up briefs, which can instead be done quickly and efficiently by experts who specialize in summary writing.

Effective Medical Chronology Solutions that Assist Law Firms

Can a professional medical chronology make a difference to your law practice? It can, for so many reasons, but the main one is that the chronology just might be the deciding factor on whether your client’s Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claim is approved or denied. Most claims are denied because there is insufficient medical evidence that ties the person’s disability to their inability to work. When someone files an SSA claim, attorneys must provide compelling information for two things: (1) show the extent of the disability, and (2) relate the disability to inability to work.

medical chronology

Consider hiring us to compile the lengthy set of medical records, doctors’ notes, medical tests performed, and medication history you’ll need for your claim or case. After all, you have enough on your plate already without having to compile medical files. We can sort through the chaos; clients typically hand over disorganized, scattered and incomplete information requiring many hours to pull together.Llet us handle it so your firm can focus on other tasks.

LM has a proven track record of providing excellent comprehensive reports with all the details required by the SSA to understand client’s medical disability. In short, we know what SSA is looking for and we make sure to highlight that information throughout the report. Attorneys like our reports because our indexing allows quick and easy discovery of key information pertaining to a client’s medical history.

Our reports are chronological and well-organized, with a digital index of all supporting records used to compile the report. We also include a comprehensive list of the client’s medical providers.

Because it is digital, your firm can easily share it with all the people working on the case. Each person will quickly be able to locate the pertinent piece of evidence they need for their assignment. Many law firms use our firm to avoid the “single point failure” scenario. You know it well—the situation in which only one person in the entire office has the knowledge about the case and creates a bottleneck.

Our firm will provide evidence of symptoms and substantiate treatments to validate the disability claim. We provide extensive supporting evidence, such as images, illustrations, detailed test descriptions and definitions of medical terms, and we format it according to the SOAP standard (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan). SOAP is a very common structure that most courts and government agencies expect to see.

Make the decision today to hire our firm. You’ll find that you become more productive by outsourcing this task to us, and we know you’ll be glad you did.

The Benefits of Defending Disability Cases with Medical Chronologies

Disability benefits can be a saving grace for anyone who can no longer work and earn a reasonable living because of an injury or illness. One of the most important aspects of a disability case is the medical records, as they provide insight into the severity of your client’s condition. Rather than appear in court with a file full of your client’s medical records it is beneficial to have a complete medical chronology instead. Below are a few of the many ways using a medical chronology to prove a disability case is a good idea.

Medical Chronologies

Assure Your Records are Complete and Accurate

The medical records that are presented in court hold a lot of weight with the judge. If they are inaccurate or incomplete, it could easily mean the claim will be denied. But, when you have a medical chronology, it is easier to determine if there is missing or inaccurate information. Then the missing information can be tracked down and the inaccurate information can be addressed and rectified. At the end of this process, you will have one complete chronology that can easily be reviewed by the judge.

Everything is Organized in one Place

If you have questions regarding the benefits of using medical chro>Another benefit of using a medical chronology for your disability case is that it will help you to keep everything organized. Often, people who apply for disability benefits have long and complicated medical histories. Their medical records can be thick and cumbersome, especially if you are trying to bring them into court. If they are not organized properly, they can also be difficult for the judge to review. But, if you have them organized into a medical chronology, it is easier for you to handle and for the judge to review.

Help in Understanding the Records

Most disability lawyers are not experts on the medical conditions of their clients. So, the information included within their medical records can also be confusing. But, working with a medical chronology firm can solve that issue. The professional who work for medical chronology firms are knowledgeable about the medical conditions as well as disability law, so they can not only put together accurate and complete chronologies, but they can explain the finer points of the records to you so you can understand your clients’ cases better.

If you have questions regarding the benefits of using medical chronologies to defend Social Security disability cases, contact LM Summary Services today. We can help you help your clients.

How Outsourcing Medical Chronologies Benefits Law Firms

Medical chronologies are often an important part of legal cases. They can provide invaluable information that can help decide a case. However, they can also be time-consuming and cumbersome to put together. Take a look at some of the ways outsourcing this task can benefit your law firm.

Medical Chronologies Law Firm

Relieve Your Firm From a Daunting Task

Compiling and organizing a medical chronology for a case takes a lot of time and effort. When you have to do it for multiple cases, the task multiplies in intensity and it can become stressful. But, outsourcing the task to a reliable company can relieve you of the task and the stress that accompanies it and allow you to focus your efforts on other aspects of your firm. Since most outsourcing companies have sizable staffs, they will be able to handle all of your chronologies i an efficient manner, no matter how many there are.

Simplify Sending Your Files

Most outsourcing companies are high-tech and streamlined. Sending the files that you need to have them work on is as simple as scanning them and sending them via email or secure upload.

Review Services

Most medical chronology firms offer a variety of services to their clients. When you outsource your chronologies, you can also expect to receive the following services as well:

– Document index

– Organization of medical records according to type

– Chronological medical record listing

– Medical history and case summarization

– Chronological medical record summary

– Medical providers’ list

Assistance with Understanding the Records

An outsourcing company will also help a law firm understand the content of the chronologies as well. These records are often comprehensive and filled with technical information. The people who work at outsourcing firms are well-versed in the content of the records. So they can help you identify the important issues in your case.

Identify Missing Records

The professionals who work at outsourcing companies can also determine when there are missing medical records and will work to track them down for you and then organize them. This will help to make your case more complete and easier to represent.

If you have questions regarding the benefits of outsourcing your medical chronologies or if you would like to discuss how outsourcing medical chronologies can benefit your firm specifically, contact LM Summary Service today.

Medical Chronologies for SSDI Applications

Filing for SSDI benefits means that there is a lot of paperwork involved. To the inexperienced, the amount of paperwork and information that needs to be compiled can be daunting. Out of all this, without a doubt the most crucial, and the most difficult, is your medical history.

timeliness of your medical chronology

What is a medical chronology? Simply put, a medical chronology, also known as a medical summary, is a compiled record of all applicable information related to the medical aspects of your case. This includes such things as doctor’s records, lab results, prescriptions, future prognoses, and any other written notes your healthcare providers might have kept concerning your case. This record takes all this important information and turns it into an easy-to-understand timeline. This timeline then presents a clear and organized account of all your relevant medical information.

Medical chronologies are important because they help to take what can be an otherwise confusing jumble of information and make sense out of it. A well-written medical chronology helps the Social Security Disability Examiner understand the sequence of events that led, and occurred after, your injury or disability onset. It also helps the examiner make sense of your treatments, how you are progressing, and what your future outlook may be.

In other words, a well-written medical chronology helps the examiner by giving him or her all the information required to make the right decision in your case.

If this seems daunting to you, don’t worry: it is for most people. That’s why they use professional medical summary services. Not only can a trained medical summarizer make sense out of what can be a difficult and confusing time, he or she is also able to do so quickly. Because benefits requests often require you to meet deadlines, timeliness is important when it comes to SSDI applications.

If you haven’t yet, you should consider using the services of a professional medical summary service. Because of its commitment to timeliness in compiling the most accurate and thorough history, a medical service is well worth the investment when filing for SSD benefits.

Since filing for SSDI benefits can be a difficult and daunting process, it only makes sense to have as much help on your side as possible. Because your SSD case often rests on the thoroughness and timeliness of your medical chronology, hiring the right medical summary service to complete this task is crucial to your case. If you’re looking for the right service to complete your case, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to see how we can help you.