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Let Us Provide a Medical Synopsis

Did you know that the majority of Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claims are denied due to lack of thorough medical evidence? That’s because you not only have to prove the severity of your condition, but you also have to relate it to your inability to work. The SSA needs to see complete medical records dating as far back as possible, detailed doctor’s statements, lists of tests performed, medication history, and much more.

Medical Synopsis

For these reasons, hiring our firm to write your medical synopsis is a great idea. As an attorney handling disability cases, you have enough challenges without having to keep up with all the medical files for each case. Most of the time, clients hand over medical information that is scattered and disorganized; it requires significant time and expertise to sort it all out and create a sensible medical synopsis. It can really slow you down, so let us handle it.

We will provide a thorough medical chronology report showing details of your client’s disability issues and provide a timeline of events as they took place. We also highlight important, necessary information to make it easier for attorneys to review the material.

This report easily and quickly provides the attorney with an understanding of the client’s medical history to lead to the best strategy for fighting the case.

Our high quality reports are well-organized and chronological, and we provide digital indexed records. We will provide an executive summary that is a medical synopsis of the case, a detailed medical history, a list of indexed documents that are pertinent to the case, and a comprehensive list of the patient’s medical providers over time.

Everyone in your firm who needs access will be able to easily find the information they need. Gone are the days of the single point failure, when only one person in the office has knowledge of the client’s record. We make it easy for everyone to understand the extent of the disability to process the claim.

We will validate the disability and provide compelling historical proof of the extent of the illness, and we will substantiate evidence for the symptoms and treatment of the patient. We provide supporting information like definition of medical terms, descriptions of tests, or illustrations that help describe the disability. We use the standard SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) format for our reports.

Hiring us is one of the best decisions a law firm can make because doing so drastically improves your productivity and allows you to spend more time focusing on the legal case rather than compiling the medical information. Free up your paralegals and lawyers. Let us do the medical synopsis work. Call us today.