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How a Medical Summary Helps in Workers Compensation Claim and Petitions

When a worker is injured on the job, the natural result of such an injury is a worker’s compensation claim. Whether or not it was an accident, a result of negligence or some other factor, it’s important for the legal courts to review the information in order to decide who was at at fault and how much, if any, of the medical costs should be covered by the employer. Of course, the court can’t make this decision without proper evidence that shows who or what contributed to the injury at hand. And the only way the court can make this sort of decision is with the use of a medical summary.

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What is a Medical Summary?

A medical summary is a compilation of all of the documents and information that relates to a specific case or claim. When someone is injured, the subsequent medical treatment creates a rather involved paper trail. This paper trail includes things like test results, x-rays, lab work, doctor’s notes and other pieces of documentation. This information all goes together to create a thorough and complete medical summary. A well-written medical summary can often be the difference between a win or a loss in a workers compensation claim, because often the court’s decision is based in part on the information found in the summary. For this reason, it’s important to have a medical summary that is as complete and accurate as possible.

How Can A Medical Summary Help or Hurt a Case?

When an employee suffers an injury, there are a lot of possible ramifications that can affect both the employer as well as the employee. Determining who was at fault is only one small part of it, although that is important in determining how much liability the employee has. If the company is indeed liable, then a medical summary becomes crucial in dealing with things like loss of pay and treatment.

For example, If a worker can not return to work for a while he or she will be expecting for workers compensation to pay for the wages being lost while he or she is out and unable to work. You can bet the company’s insurance company is going to review the workers compensation claim very carefully to make sure that they are indeed required to cover the worker’s loss of income and inability to work while recovering. If medical documentation is not there to prove the extent of the injuries and the long-term prognosis, the insurance company will have a strong case to deny the claim.

As another example, consider treatment: if the injured worker has to undergo costly medical procedures, the company’s medical insurance company is going to expect there to be medical documentation that supports the necessity of these treatments.

Of course, medical summaries can also be used against the worker as well — for instance, if a treatment or medication was prescribed, and the worker has not followed through and done the required exercises or taken the prescribed medication, then the insurance company can argue that they are longer liable to cover the medical costs for someone who is not doing their part to speed up recovery.

In short, a medical summary is a necessary element of any successful workers compensation claim, but like a double-edged sword they can cut both ways. They can work either for or against the worker, which is why it’s important for them to be thorough and accurate, and it’s important for the worker to listen to and follow any and all medical advice.

If you would like to know more about medical summaries and how they can affect a workers compensation claim, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Medical Records for Worker’s Compensation Claims

If you are preparing a worker’s compensation claim, then you know that documentation is key. Because the entire claim is based on being able to prove exactly what happened, when, where and who is ultimately to blame, it’s vital to be able to have at your disposal all of the information necessary to make a strong and comprehensive case. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why there is nothing more important in a workers compensation claim than the medical documentation. Gathering and compiling a thorough medical history is your key to presenting a strong, winnable case.

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Why are medical records so important?

As said earlier, a workers compensation claim is all about being able to build a timeline that shows what happened and who was at fault. In order to do that, you’re going to have to establish some basic facts along the way; these facts are available to you in the form of medical documentation. These records will help show the injuries sustained, how they happened, and what steps were taken during and after the initial treatment.

Medical records are also important because they can help to establish a cause and effect scenario. In some instances, an employer might try to argue that an employee was already injured or disabled before a certain event happened. This is easy to prove or disprove with the existence of the relevant records. When you have records in your hand that show your client as healthy or uninjured beforehand, it shuts down the opposing case pretty quickly.

How do you get the necessary medical records?

There are two ways to answer this question. One: you can have your firm do it yourself. Of course, this is a time-consuming activity. It’s going to either take up a lot of your time, or it’s going to take up a lot of your assistant’s time. Either way, that time you’re using to compile these records is not being spent on your client and the other things you need for this case. In addition, all of your other clients are also being neglected because of the amount of time needed to compile a thorough medical history.

Or, you could go with option two: hire the services of professional medical records compilers. With expertise and experience, we know the best and most efficient way to find the necessary documents to help build your case. With the time you save, you can focus on the other aspects of the case, knowing that the medical documentation will be excellent and second-to-none.

If you would rather have a team of experts at your disposal then try and do this yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experienced team can help provide you with the records you need to build the strongest workers compensation claim possible.

Comprehensive Medical Summaries for Worker’s Compensation Claims

If you are trying a worker’s compensation claim, then you know that the timing is everything. Often, the entire case rests on one or two important factors in the timeline of events, and a case can be won or lost based on how well those specific moments in time are documented. If that alone isn’t enough to show you how important a medical summary is when it comes to trying cases, then there’s not much else that can convince you.

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Professional Medical Summary Services

Even though medical summaries are already recognized as crucial to a case, many people still feel like it’s something they are able to do on their own. This might be because they think it’s easier, or cheaper, to try and do this without involving anyone else. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Just like providing legal representation to a worker’s compensation claim isn’t something that just anyone can do, compiling medical documentation is a task that is best left to the professionals.

Why is this the case? Because medical summaries are, to some extent, like puzzles. It’s more than just tracking down documents — it’s piecing together a comprehensive, systematic, thorough timeline of all the various parts of a story. Often, the various players in the story aren’t aware of each other or the specific roles that they played, so rather than relying solely on individuals you have to go wherever the evidence might take you. When finished, you have a complete and thorough record that not only documents injuries, but also attempts to draw conclusions as to why certain things did or didn’t happen, and who ultimately is to blame.

These are not things that come easy. This is why it’s important to trust your medical documentation to experienced, trained professionals who are able to wade through what might look like confusing and often-times contradictory information in order to get to the truth of your worker’s compensation claim, or any sort of claim for that matter.

If you are attempting to compile a medical summary, and you’re realizing that you could use some help, please don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at LM Summary Services.

Using Medical Chronologies in Workers Compensation Cases

Putting together a workers compensation case can be difficult. In order to win for your client you have to be able to connect a lot of dots to make your case air-tight and show that your client deserves to win. How do you do that? While there are a lot of elements that go into a successful workers compensation case, one of the most important is a complete and thorough medical chronology. Why is a medical chronology important for a workers compensation case?

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It helps to make your case stronger

A successful medical chronology takes all the variables and confusing aspects of your case and helps you and everyone else sort through them. When people get injured, a lot of things can happen at one time and make for a confusing situation. This confusion can make it difficult to know exactly what happened, and who did what during the treatment. A thorough medical chronology helps cut through the uncertainty to present a clear picture of actions and liability. In addition, a medical chronology helps you avoid possible mistakes in the future, which also helps to make your case stronger.

It helps to make your case more efficient

To create a complete medical summary, it takes a lot of time and effort. Frankly, unless you work for a firm that has dozens of paralegals to spare, it might seem like way too much at first. However, that medical chronology is going to follow you and that workers compensation case through every legal phase. In the end, it will actually help to make your case more efficient, because you won’t have to keep going back to get more information, and you won’t find yourself repeating your steps over and over again when you discover you’ve missed something.

It helps to make your case successful

Saving time, money, and effort gives you the chance to focus on the rest of your case. Furthermore, you’ll find yourself with less work to do because the information is right at your fingertips and easy to find. Also, with a complete medical chronology you can be confident that your information is accurate and thorough, and you’ve left no stone unturned. All that adds up to a much higher probability that you’ll win your case!

If you’d like to know more about medical chronologies and how they can be used to win workers compensation cases, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

What Clients Look For in a North Carolina Workers Compensation Attorney

One of the biggest considerations that a North Carolina workers compensation attorney needs to have in mind when setting up their practice or seeking to find more clients is what will attract new clients to them. It can be important to know what clients will look for in an attorney to ensure that you best represent this example.

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Traits Clients Desire

There are a number of traits that a client will look for in a North Carolina workers compensation attorney when they are at their most vulnerable.

Clients want a mixture of traits from experienced to being able to provide them a personal touch that makes them feel as though their attorney truly cares about them rather than just being a case number. Most clients are aware that in order to get an experienced attorney, said attorney is going to be busy with cases besides their own, but will still want to be able to get appointments and callbacks in a reasonable amount of time. Being able to provide a responsive and effective service that responds back quickly will help to separate you from the crowd.

Clients want an attorney that is very knowledgeable about workers compensation law and doesn’t shy away from the medical aspects of their case. It can be difficult to balance the amount of time that goes into the medical side of a workers compensation case with having several open cases.

Accomplish Your Goals with a Summary Service

One of the best ways to be able to give yourself a better opportunity for exhibiting these traits is by working smarter, not harder. A medical summary service is one tool that you can have in your arsenal to provide better service to your clients. Your clients trust you with their most personal information, and in some cases, their future by using you as an attorney. Medical summaries are just one way to have more time in your day to offer that personal touch to your clients while having a handle on the medical information necessary to mount your case.

LM Summary Services can provide you with expertly prepared medical summary materials for your workers compensation clients. No longer do you need to spend a large amount of time struggling to get your client’s medical information summarized while handling all of your other tasks in a day. Your schedule will be streamlined, and you’ll be able to provide better a legal service to your clients while clearing up the time to allow you to fit in more clients.

Contact us today about how we can best serve you and your clients with our scalable medical summary solutions.