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Medical Chronologies for SSDI Applications

Filing for SSDI benefits means that there is a lot of paperwork involved. To the inexperienced, the amount of paperwork and information that needs to be compiled can be daunting. Out of all this, without a doubt the most crucial, and the most difficult, is your medical history.

timeliness of your medical chronology

What is a medical chronology? Simply put, a medical chronology, also known as a medical summary, is a compiled record of all applicable information related to the medical aspects of your case. This includes such things as doctor’s records, lab results, prescriptions, future prognoses, and any other written notes your healthcare providers might have kept concerning your case. This record takes all this important information and turns it into an easy-to-understand timeline. This timeline then presents a clear and organized account of all your relevant medical information.

Medical chronologies are important because they help to take what can be an otherwise confusing jumble of information and make sense out of it. A well-written medical chronology helps the Social Security Disability Examiner understand the sequence of events that led, and occurred after, your injury or disability onset. It also helps the examiner make sense of your treatments, how you are progressing, and what your future outlook may be.

In other words, a well-written medical chronology helps the examiner by giving him or her all the information required to make the right decision in your case.

If this seems daunting to you, don’t worry: it is for most people. That’s why they use professional medical summary services. Not only can a trained medical summarizer make sense out of what can be a difficult and confusing time, he or she is also able to do so quickly. Because benefits requests often require you to meet deadlines, timeliness is important when it comes to SSDI applications.

If you haven’t yet, you should consider using the services of a professional medical summary service. Because of its commitment to timeliness in compiling the most accurate and thorough history, a medical service is well worth the investment when filing for SSD benefits.

Since filing for SSDI benefits can be a difficult and daunting process, it only makes sense to have as much help on your side as possible. Because your SSD case often rests on the thoroughness and timeliness of your medical chronology, hiring the right medical summary service to complete this task is crucial to your case. If you’re looking for the right service to complete your case, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to see how we can help you.

Using Medical Chronologies in Personal Injury Cases

A medical chronology (otherwise known as a medical summary) is an important document in a personal injury case. When you are dealing with cases that involve such issues as injuries, negligence, or even malpractice it’s important to be able to know all of the relevant medical facts. Even more importantly, it’s necessary to be able to know the basic timeline of events, and to be able to reference the pertinent facts throughout the life of the case. A complete and thorough medical chronology can help with all of these items.

medical chronology personal injury

A good medical chronology can help a personal injury attorney in other ways as well. First, it helps the attorney focus on the rest of the case. The medical summary is important — maybe even crucial — to the case, but there are other documents that need to be prepared, and most likely there will be a hearing at some point, too. An attorney can’t focus on these important things if he or she is busy dealing with the piles of medical records that a case naturally generates.

Even more, the summary helps to educate the attorney on the relevant medical terms and procedures that are applicable to the case at hand. A lawyer needs to be an expert in the information relating to this specific case, and the chronology can help the attorney know what is important.

Of course, one of the most helpful benefits of a medical chronology when it comes to personal injury is that it helps all of the interested parties know exactly what happened and when. This information is vital to proving who is at fault for the injury or injuries in question. Without this information documented in clear and certain terms, it can be much harder for everyone involved to know what really happened, and it can be harder for your client to get the verdict and compensation that he or she is entitled to.

Another benefit of a medical summary is the fact that it remains relevant and useful throughout the life of your case. Should an expert need to be consulted, the summary will help you determine which type of expert and why. Should more information be necessary, the summary will help you know where the gaps are that need to be filled. Should the opposing party dispute a claim, the summary will help shed light on the truth of the matter.

All in all, a medical chronology is not just a good idea, it is necessary for personal injury cases. If you would like to know more about how to compile this sort of document, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

How Writing Your Own Chronologies for Personal Injury Slows You Down

Your time is money, literally. As a lawyer, you bill your clients based on the amount of hours that you work on their case. Every hour that is wasted on a time-consuming task that could be delegated is bad for your business. It means that spending more time on slow moving work can take you away from more important tasks that make it possible to add more clients and work more effectively on your current client’s cases. Writing your own chronologies for personal injury cases will slow you down.

Personal Injury Medical Chronology

Chronologies are Slow and Time-Consuming

Think about all the work that goes into your medical chronologies. You have to get access to the information. You have to sift through the information looking for pertinent information that will help move your personal injury case forward. You may have to pull up a medical dictionary to try to decipher exactly what the medical jargon means. You may even have to call the physician to ask questions. All of this can take up a lot of time. So, maybe you delegate this task to another person in your office or hire someone special in your office just for this task. Ultimately you could be costing yourself money unnecessarily.

Considering Costs

Every business, no matter if it’s a law office or a restaurant wants and needs to find ways to reduce overhead costs. Pass this work on to another employee or hiring someone else means that you may be adding to your overhead costs. Your employee’s time is just as valuable as your own as they already have important tasks they are handling, and this task can slow them down just as it would you. You could hire someone that has medical expertise especially for this purpose, but what happens if you only have a few personal injury cases at a time?

Best Solution

The best solution for your business is to go to a professional service that only handles medical chronologies and similar products for a variety of legal cases. There are a few reasons why you are better off going with this type of service. One is the time savings. Another is the reduced overhead. Also, you know that your case will be supported with expertly prepared medical documentation. A final reason is that this type of service is scalable to how many cases you’re working on in a month.

LM Summary Services can make a difference in how your law firm functions. Contact us today about how we can take these slow and time-consuming chronologies off your plate to open you up to more work.