What the Top Personal Injury Law Firms Don’t Want You To Know

With so many lawyers in the game, it is important to dissociate yourself from the crowd. In a time where the law profession draws so many people in, how does one pick a certain firm or single attorney as a top choice for Personal Injury victims? Furthermore, a personal injury case does not necessarily need a lawyer to proceed, although it helps immensely. Therefore, lawyers need to do something special to get a prospective client’s attention. To distinguish themselves, the top law firms have started to use a summary service to construct medical summaries, legal memos, etc. Take a look at some reason why summary service will help you become the gold standard in personal injury law.

Summary Services for Personal Injury

1. Better Pricing

Lawyers usually work at an hourly rate, so the more time he or she works on your case, the more it will cost you in the end. Therefore, you are going to want to find ways to cut costs. Firms that use outside sources work less hours because they do not have to take that time to tediously go through your records and create these packets of information. In fact, it is cheaper to outsource this job because they will have it completed twice as fast. Therefore, those who use a summary service can offer lower prices for their service, which makes them a top choice for personal injury victims.

2. High Quality

Summary services are specifically trained to pick out the important information for a medical summary, and therefore, will have a higher quality product. Moreover, while the summary services do all the summarizing and writing, the lawyer can focus on your case. For more complicated cases, you will appreciate the extra time the lawyer will have to commit to your case.

3. Thoroughness

Similar to the quality of the summary, a summary service will have more time and resources to find every piece of medical history you can possibly have. Say your injury or disability has you jumping from doctor to doctor. It becomes difficult to track all of these various pieces of your history. An attorney may not have that same amount of time and patience alone to play “Where’s Waldo, ” causing him to sacrifice time he can use to work on your case or forcing him to use his staff to do the work for a higher price to you. Therefore, suggesting a summary service to your attorney may be beneficial for everyone around.

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