Here’s why having a concise medical summary will benefit your case

Medical Summaries are records that are in chronological order. They are used and said to be the more critical for insurance claim cases. Collecting all medical records can be timely and effect your case, timewise because you have to go through hundreds of papers to identify, review, and summarize records. Though it is a timely task, it will make trials go faster after the summary is complete.

Patient Medical Summary

You will need to provide all of the medical professionals you have seen that is relevant to your claim. This information will start from the beginning when the accident happened and who first responded to your accident. Chances are, your attorney that you are working with will want you to carry out a HIPPA-medical authorization so they can have your records released to them. Medical Summaries are critical to cases and here are 3 reasons why.

3 reasons why you should keep an organized Medical Summary for You Case:

1. Assessing your case: Unfortunately, those medical bills that keep piling up because of your accident will come into play in your claim case. During cases, the judge will want to know how much you have gathered in medical bills and will expect you to answer it quickly. This will generally be asked toward the beginning of your claim by an insurer that is working on your case.

2. Answers for rebuttal: Once your claim is filed, there will be questions based on the information in your medical records. If your medical summary is well-organized with all of your records in order as well as billing information, you will be proving to the defense that you are prepared and they will need to find hard evidence for your to lose your claim.

3. Using information as exhibits to the jury: Like any other case, you generally just have one shot to plead your case and make it count. You can always appeal, but with appropriate information and a concise medical summary, you have provide all the evidence they need. You should be providing the information in a way that the jury will understand, it is easy to translate, and there is no hidden details. You want them to understand how your life has changed since your accident.

One of the ways to maximize your disability benefits and increase your approval for your claim is by conducting a full examination and preparing a medical summary. Compiling reports in full and submitting them to the insurance company. Based on the reasons above, you should be working with a lawyer to help you in your time of need. They can help you during the application process while you’re trying to recover, do their best to increase your benefits and compensate you for the injuries that you have.

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