Why Your Firm Needs Medical History and Case Summarization Services

Every competent disability attorney and their team knows the value of a complete medical history and a well written case summarization. When building a case for an appeal or filing to the Social Security Administration, Board of Veterans Affairs, or a Workers’ Compensation Insurance company, you need the to have every detail of your client’s medical history documented and close at hand before, during, and after you represent them.

Medical Summarization

Without that complete medical history, appeals are denied and claims you file on your client’s behalf are rejected. You could always have your staff do it or collect and compile the records yourself, but that means dedicating money or man hours to tedious process of contacting every physician and specialist your client has ever seen and then requesting records one at a time.

Even after you have managed to collect those medical records, then you will need to summarize your client’s medical history in order to be able to refer to it when building your case and when representing your client in court. Again, this is still more hours that you will be billing or paying someone else for in order to make certain your case summaries are complete and accurate. This vastly increases your cost per case, and decreases your earnings overall per client.

Fortunately, there is a service that can provide what you need on a case-by-case basis without bankrupting your firm or your clients. LM Summary Services provides complete medical history and case summarization services for Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, VA Disability, and Workers’ Compensation cases. With years of experience and a highly trained staff, LM Summary Services is better positioned to research client medical histories for you without occupying hours and hours of your firm’s time.

They are also better able to summarize the information for you as they know what will and will not be pertinent to your case depending on where it is being filed or appealed. Best of all, they know what the key salient points of a medical history are better than any attorney. Quite simply, they have more practice in the art of finding the most relevant facts and details from a client’s history and emphasizing those facts in their summary.

If you are a disability or personal injury law practice in frequent need of medical history and case summarization services, contact LM Summary Services today to find out how they can help you save time and money with all of your case research and summarization needs.

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