Guide to Reviewing and Summarizing Personal Injury Cases

Medical summaries are valuable to personal injury cases. Generally, medical summaries are prepared by legal nurse consultants so that attorneys can use them during the case. The medical summary will briefly describe parts of the case as well as the accident so that it is easy to locate when there are questions during the case. The records of the patient as well as medications and any other information that is valuable to the case will be found in a medical summary. There are parts to a medical summary that will help a persona injury case. Here are some parts that make up a medical summary.

Personal injury claim

Charts and tables

To enhance medical summaries, you can provide charts and tables that will breakdown medical records as well as any tests to show changes that have been made to a patient. There are rules regarding the layout of this section to a medical summary such as fonts and colors to emphasize certain information. Background colors as well as font colors should compliment each other and not be used to make it hard on the eyes when observing the charts.

Chronological order

One of the main purposes for a medical summary is to have information of a patient be in chronological order. The information being presented in a timeline fashion can be beneficial when a jury or judge is asking questions regarding a timeframe.

Medical sketches

Medical illustrations can be anything from hand drawn pictures, pictures found in textbooks, and any other materials that can be used to accommodate information. Photos that are presented in the medical summary can also be photos of the patient and their personal injury. For example, if there were scars that were caused from the injury, pictures can be taken of these and be used in the medical summary.

When working on your medical summary, just remember that the summary is only part of the evidence in your case. You should have a medical expert examine this summary or work on it so you are providing a quality medical summary for your case. Be sure to include not only past injuries, but also a claim of the effects of the future of your client as well. Any medical charges that are associated with the injury should be included. A high-quality medical summary can go a long way in personal injury claims.

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