How a Medical Summary Can Help in Your Migraine Disability case

When you’re filing for disability benefits, you need to prove that your disability qualifies for benefits. Depending on what is affecting your ability to work, certain conditions may be harder to prove than others. This is especially true in the case of chronic migraines. A law firm that uses a medical summarizer can be of great assistance in this kind of case.

law firm medical summarizer service

Reasons to use a medical summarizer as a law firm:

– Migraines are hard to prove.

There are no medical tests that prove whether a headache is a migraine or not. This can make a disability based on migraines difficult to prove. The case will rest on information from you and your doctor.

– It requires a lot of documentation to argue disability for a migraine.

If a law firm uses a medical summarizer, this can be a great asset to this type of case. A detailed report from a medical summarizer that your law firm receives will help prove your case.

– The following should be provided for documentation:

Summarized and detailed reports from the doctor need to be provided in order to help prove that migraines are disabling and preventing someone from working. The doctor should either be a headache specialist, neurologist or a pain management specialist. It’s also important to provide detailed documentation about daily symptoms.

This will help show the intensity of the migraines, the durations and how frequently the migraines occur. This information is important in showing how disabling the migraines are and how they affect the ability to work. This also needs to include information on how these migraines affect daily activities and work tasks. A medical summarizer for a law firm is also helpful for showing what medications and treatments have been tried. This is a great asset in showing everything that has been tried, what the side effects were and how successful the different treatments were in helping to overcome the migraines.

A law firm’s medical summarizer service can be great in organizing information about migraines and treatments to aide in the disability case. This will give a great summary that is easy to read through. This will help make sure all of your documentation is in order and increase the chances of winning your case even with a hard to prove condition such as a migraine.

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