5 Ways a Brief Writing Service Decreases Overhead Costs

Working in the legal profession is always a struggle between putting in quality work and making sure that you’re able to earn a profit. It may seem that in order to satisfy your clients and make sure to do the best work possible, you should hire more staff so that each client gets more individual attention. However, this isn’t necessarily true; instead of going the harder, more costly route, you can hire a brief writing service to decrease overhead costs, making sure that your services are of even higher quality while helping you earn a greater amount of revenue. A legal brief writing service can decrease costs and earn profits in five main ways:

1. Hire fewer staff members to do the same amount of work.

When you have your attorneys or general legal staff writing briefs along with the rest of their duties, which can be as diverse as filing paperwork and appearing in court, brief-writing takes longer and thus you have to hire a greater number of staff members to simply keep up with the volume of work that you’re getting. However, hiring a legal brief writing service outsources the task of writing briefs, leaving attorneys with more time to do their other tasks and allowing you to hire fewer staff members, thus saving on overhead costs.

2. Only pay for work that is completed.

With LM Summary Services, you only need to pay once you receive completed briefs, which means that you can assure quality work and thus save on the costs of re-doing or re-ordering the work. Also, as your hearing volume and need for brief writing may vary from month to month or year to year, you are only paying for work completed. You are not responsible for paying staff during slow months.

3. Work done by a brief writing service is scalable.

Scalable jobs are ones that don’t charge more by volume, which means that you can order one brief or 50 – and you will pay the same amount per brief no matter which order size you choose. This saves you money by making sure that volume does not affect the price per brief, as it would with in-office staff members who would probably have to be paid even during slow times, making briefs more costly.

4. You’re not responsible for full salaries and benefits.

Hiring staff members means that you are responsible for yearly salaries, benefits, bonuses, and other aspects of hiring employees. However, with a legal brief writing service, you can save on these overhead costs in the long run.

5. Increase your output and efficiency.

When your attorneys don’t need to worry about writing their own briefs, they can channel more time and energy into their other tasks, like marketing and management, increasing the overall efficiency of your business and leading to increased case volume and more satisfied clients – which, ultimately, makes you more money.

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