How Custom Medical Record Summaries Save Law Firms Time and Money

Nearly two-thirds of client-prepared Social Security Administration (SSA) disability claims are initially denied. Why? Lack of thorough medical evidence. It’s a hard fact. Therefore, clients seek out law offices to handle their disability claim cases. Lawyers often don’t have the time to gather the detailed complete medical records that SSA requires to substantiate and evaluate a medical claim.

Custom Medical Record Summaries

That’s why many law firms around the country hire us. We prepare detailed medical records summaries, dating back as far back as possible, and as comprehensive as possible—including detailed doctor’s notes, medical tests performed and medication history.

Lawyers know it well—your clients hand over a stack of disorganized medical records for you to sort through and turn into something that makes sense. We’ll take that off your hands. Allowing us to create the medical synopsis frees up time for you to work on other important aspects of your cases. Providing this organization requires many hours of your time to transform it into a medical synopsis that makes sense.

Our firm provides a medical chronology report that is thorough and detailed. We summarize the client’s disability and provide a timeline of events. We provide a well-organized, chronological report.

Why do attorneys use our services? There are several reasons:

• A report format that allows attorneys to quickly and easily understand a client’s medical history so that a strategy for filing or appealing can be developed.

• An executive summary that serves as a medical synopsis of the case.

• A list of referenced, indexed documents that ultimately saves the attorney lots of time.

• An easy-to-understand report that is available to every professional in your law firm to help with their particular contribution to the overall case. Single point failures will be a thing of the past—no longer will only one person in your law firm know what’s going on with the case.

• Expertise to validate the disability and provide supporting evidence of the extent of the disability to bolster your case. Our in-house team of experts substantiates both symptoms and treatment.

• Background information, such as diagrams, illustrations, anatomical drawings and medical term definitions.

• Reports using the standard SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) format, widely recognized and used in the court system.

Hiring our firm drastically improves the productivity of your firm. You have more time to focus on the legal aspects while we handle the medical aspects. What lawyer wouldn’t want to free up more time from his or her paralegals and other staff?

In our experience, we’ve found that a professional, custom medical summary can make a difference in whether a disability claim is approved or denied. If the evidence you provide to SSA has any gaps of treatment, or does not directly tie your disability to your inability to work, it will most likely be denied.

SSA is looking for two things: (1) evidence of the extent or severity of the disability, and (2) relation of the medical condition to a person’s inability to work.

Of course, SSA reports are not the only reports we provide. We can tailor a medical report to the attorney’s needs. Our mantra is that we only provide the level of medical detail that corresponds to the report’s purpose. In other words, less is definitely more. We deal with very straightforward reports to very complex reports that involve complicated details. Here are some of the reports we provide:

Medical Chronology

Chronologies are necessary for disability claims (SSA and VA), as well as other cases in litigation, such as workers compensation cases or personal injury lawsuits. Medical providers, medical events and other details are provided:

• Complete medical history

• Disability or condition onset details (dates, symptoms and progression)

• Doctor visit summaries

• Clinical/diagnostic test results

• Prognosis of the condition

• Doctor opinions on future medical care

Brief Medical Summary

This is a summary report that shows key events and medical issues on a timeline, but that doesn’t have lots of detail. Attorneys use these reports for pre-litigation information.

Detailed Medical Summary

This report is a more detailed, chronological summary and contains more discussion about key medical issues. Attorneys use these to initially evaluate a case in litigation or being considered for litigation.

Hire Us

Preparation for your hearing requires an accurate, concise medical summary or report. Instead of writing it yourself, choose our company’s quality work. We are very familiar with SSA’s rules and regulations and tailor our reports to match. We will provide the detailed argument and justification for how your clients are classified as disabled under SSA’s description.

Hire us to do the tedious work. We have a proven track record. Give us a call today.

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