Importance of Obtaining Medical Records Quickly in Personal Injury Claims

As a lawyer, you’re the person that your client relies on in helping them with their personal injury claims. That’s a lot of pressure that you’re under when you consider your entire caseload as you want to give all of your clients top notch service as they all have worthy claims. This is where your time management can come into play. It’s very important to obtain medical records quickly in personal injury claims.

Personal Injury Claims

Time-Consuming Process

Thanks to your experience with previous personal injury cases, you’re already aware that it can be very time-consuming and costly for you to go through the process of obtaining these medical records in a timely fashion for your cases. Add up all the time that you’re spending on just one case and then multiply that by all of your cases. Do the same for your expenses. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your time when thinking of your expenses in getting and going through the medical records for your clients. Even if you have one of your staff members do it, consider their salary and the amount of time they take in doing it to get to your final figure on cost. You may realize that you’re throwing away more money and time on this than you realized, and something needs to change.

Medical Summary Service

The change that you need to make is starting to use a medical summary service. This service will revolutionize the way that you handle your personal injury cases. No longer will you or your staff be responsible for trying to quickly get the medical records for all of your personal injury clients. You’ll be able to focus on your other important tasks and allow a professional service do what they do best. These services can give you the extra time you need to be able to start expediting your client’s claim as their life is often on hold while they wait for the claim to be settled. This improvement in your service will not go unnoticed by clients and will help to attract more clients to your legal office.

LM Summary Service is ready to change the way that your law office functions for the better. You’re in business to assist your client’s with their personal injury claims as effectively and efficiently as you can, but you may be doing them and yourself a disservice if you’re not doing everything that you can to make that happen. Become more effective and efficient by contacting us today to see how we can revolutionize your process.

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